OMV on server using 2 network cards & direct cable to my PC ?

  • Having OMV 5 installed on a workstation and using it normally through my Router on a 1Gbs LAN , is there possible to place a PCIe 10Gb NIC both on server / my PC and to connect them directly to be able to write/read at 10Gbs between server and my PC ? - reason for this would be to avoid buying an expensive 10Gb switch ; the only high speed connection I need is between server and my PC.

    (meanwhile the connection to internet should stay as it is on the 1Gbs cards / local network / Router for both PC and server ).

  • Yes, it is possible via routing. On OMV you'd set up your network with a route that sends all traffic destined to your PC's 10Gbs NIC IP via the OMV 10Gbps interface. On your PC, you would set the gateway for the 10Gbps NIC to be the IP of the OMV 10Gbps NIC (instead of your switch). If you don't want all the traffic to go through there, you would adjust your static routes to send traffic destined for all other IPs to your router as per usual; make sure there is a higher "metric" for the route to your 10Gbps NIC.

    On the linux/OMV server, normally you'd just modify the .yaml files in /etc/netplan to set the routing for that NIC configuration (see docs), but I'm not entirely sure how the omv-salt etc. works with and if your changes wouldn't just get overwritten. Someone more OMV savvy would need to point you in the right direction. (I'm trying to make some similar tweaks to the network setup where I have a wireless NIC with a higher metric number, so it is there for backup access to OMV if the main bonded link I am using gets hosed somehow [usually by me doing something wrong]).

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