Partition not listed in OMV File systems menu

  • So I'm working on transitioning from OMV v4 to v5. I've booted and am starting to get my hard drives setup but I've noticed that one partition isn't visible in the "file systems" menu. If I run lsblk or fdisk -l I can see the partition and it looks fine(no weird errors or parameters that are different than other drives), but the GUI doesn't list it and as such I can't mount it. Why would OMV not list a partition? Is there any way to fix this?


  • YAY! solved it myself! 2 for 2 today :)

    Apparently the issue was that I had moved drives from one machine to another and I didn't notice but one of the drive had the same label as an exiting drive in the system. Apparently OMV 4 didn't really care but OMV 5 just ignored the first drive. Oh well lesson learned!

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