Attempt to access beyond end of device

  • Today I lost acces to one of my disks. When I restart server, I get many lines "Attempt to access beyond end of device" for sda disk and disk is not mounted finally.

    # fdisk -l /dev/sda
    fdisk: cannot open /dev/sda: No such file or directory

    Does this mean that my disk is dead or can I fix it somehow?

  • Thanks for your answer.

    It's PC, drive is SATA connected through the PCI expansion card. SMART is enableded and staus is "Good".

    Now I'm trying to connect drive to the SATA connector on the motherboard. Disk is mounted and works. But in Srutiny docker I see some errors and warnings.

  • These are the SMART stat's most likely to be incrementing before a drive failure:

    SMART 5 – Reallocated_Sector_Count.

    SMART 187 – Reported_Uncorrectable_Errors.

    SMART 188 – Command_Timeout.

    SMART 197 – Current_Pending_Sector_Count.

    SMART 198 – Offline_Uncorrectable.

    You seem to have a problem with "Command Timeouts". That suggests the problem may (rpt "may") be with "hardware", whether that may be with the drive's interface board or your add-on PCI SATA controller. (Please note, this is "speculation". If you have utilities for testing the add-on PCI card, I'd run them.)

    As a general rule, setting aside commercial style SAS/SATA RAID cards which get exhaustive testing and are widely used; I'd stick with the MOBO's SATA ports (first) and use the PCI add-on card once there are no MOBO ports left. (But that's just my opinion.)

    If the drive reconnected using a MOBO SATA port, I'd let it run awhile for verification and check that the count on SMART 188 (Command timeout) has stopped incrementing. Then, I'd put the drive back on the card to verify the problem.

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