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  • Hello!
    I will like to get your opinions if what I list here is possible to do in omv and use it on external network, so other people can reach to it from their home/work.

    I need 1 main folder, which divides in 2, and on and on(around 500 folder in total), I have more subdivisions and people positions which can view or edit the documents in folders.

    1. More people can see folder and only view office documents in it and other files in folder(like view only in Google Drive).

    2. When others with permission can edit this office documents in the folder when connected to omv, without downloading it to their computer, like live access and then they can save it.

    2. Everyone need access to see first folder, and then some sub folders they can only see and some of sub folders they can edit (talking for uploading new documents in and editing existing ones without re-uploading). And some people can't view folders in a folder, its like folder in which is around 35 folders. 35 folders can see like 30 people, and each folder can edit only 1 different person.

    3. So when they open first main folder they automaticlly can browse through all sub folders and files, but some of them they can only see and some of the files they can edit...

    The thing is, we use a google drive now and is a clusterf when setting out permissions to that many people (imma just wait to people change in positions, that I have to take permissions and set new ones out...) and when they upload on a google drive, they are still owners of a file, even if they upload in a folder which is main account sharing them a folder. And yes, they can give ownership ower, but let's say users are below basic ones. Sadly. So Google Drive has options for each file/folder to set view/edit permissions, I need the same thing/s here to be able to set.

    Or do you know any other way I can manage and set this up?

    If you need any more explanation feel free to ask and thanks for anyones help!

    Appreciate it in advance! :)

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