Upgrading a drive

  • I've got a Raid 5, which originally was 3 x 2TB disks - One disk failed, so I replaced it with a 4TB thinking thinking that at some stage I could upgrade the others to give me more space. I bought a couple of new disks about 6 months ago so thought about time to upgrade another disk, then after rebuild the last disk and then grow it. Problem is, if I just rip out the disk then the raid management then shows nothing at all, so I can't rebuild or do anything? After some advise - Current detail of raid below:-

    Number Major Minor RaidDevice State

    0 8 16 0 active sync /dev/sdb

    3 8 32 1 active sync /dev/sdc

    2 8 48 2 active sync /dev/sdd

  • Think I have this sorted - first fail the dick

    mdadm --manage /dev/mdXXX --fail /dev/sdX

    Where XXX is the raid IS and X is the disk ID - in my case "127" and "d" - This put the raid into a failed state, shut down the system, replaced the disk, then ran the recovery to rebuild.

  • Mat-Moo

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