RTNETLINK answers: File exists

  • How do I fix this?

    Using OpenVPN provider: PIA

    Provider PIA has a custom startup script, executing it

    Downloading OpenVPN config bundle openvpn-nextgen into temporary file /tmp/tmp.JfIaBF

    Extract OpenVPN config bundle into PIA directory /etc/openvpn/pia

    Modify configs for this container

    2 servers found in OPENVPN_CONFIG, US Silicon Valley chosen randomly

    Starting OpenVPN using config US Silicon Valley.ovpn

    Setting OpenVPN credentials...

    adding route to local network via dev enp0s31f6

    RTNETLINK answers: File exists

    mknod: /dev/net/tun: File exists

    Retiring OMV 4.x on intel
    Building OMV 5.x on AMD based Dell R5715

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