Duplicati in Docker: File access rights

  • Hi,

    I installed Duplicati in docker following this tutorial:

    [How-To] Install Duplicati container using OMV and docker-compose (CLI or Portainer)

    Thanks macom

    Made my day!:thumbup:

    Before I tried to install duplicati with the .deb-file from their website - but something is broken since omv 5.?

    My problem is, that the docker user has no file access rights for i.e. the home-dirs of other users.

    So I used the root user uid+gid and that worked. But this is probably not the best method.

    Is there another way to give the docker user access to ALL files that shall be backuped?

  • Solved,

    I created a new user "duplicati" and put its uid and gid into the docker-duplicati configuration.

    Then I gave user "duplicati" read and write access to the folders on the data-disk in "sharded-folders / ACLs".

  • Enra


    I have a similar problem too. I would like to use Duplicati (runs in Docker) to back up my data from Nextcloud (also runs in Docker). The data directory is assigned to the user www-data. Other users do not have "read rights", which is why Duplicati unfortunately cannot read and save the data directory.

    However, Nextcloud must assign the data directory to the user "www-data", which is why a user "Duplicati" unfortunately doesn't help me any further.

    Since I have very little knowledge of Linux, I have now failed at this point and have not yet been able to make a backup.

    Maybe you can come up with a solution.

    Thanks in advance.


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