HELP: Files / Folders suddenly disappearing on several drives

  • Hello together,

    I´ve got a very strange but frustrating issue with my OMV 4 installation. I´ve got a standard install with OMV4 and have got 4x 8TB drives attached (2x WD, 2x HGST). All of them are normally connected (no RAID) and working properly (no SMART issues ever since).

    Now the strange thing over the last couple of months is that several folders magically disappeared from the disk. I´ve got no clue what might caused this and was hoping that someone else did have the same issue somehow. All drives are installed via SATA (not USB), they are partitioned with ext4 file system and working fine as I can tell (no SMART issue yet). That folder deletion is happening on all drives and is not specific to a single drive.

    I ran already some tools to rescue (presumable deleted) files / folders, none of them did find any of those deleted folder / files. Also the drive size is as if the files have been deleted properly. Just today I found that some movies I had placed in the movies folder did magically vanish.....

    ?( I am very confused and have no more idea what to do. I also was hoping to find some useful info in the server log, but that wasn't the case.

    On the other hand It is not clear when this really does happen, so it might already happened weeks ago... and there is no indication when it will happen again.

    Does anyone of you have an idea what to do next?

    Is there any way to get notified (by email?) if files in shared folders become deleted?

    Is installing snap raid / unionfs a good solution (will it help if it is indeed a filesystem issue)?



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