OMV services only bind to one interface?

  • I have two VLANs on my network and I wanted to configure both on my OMV server. The server wouldn't let me create the VLAN so I simply created a second interface, connected both ports to my managed switch and untagged the ports to the proper VLAN there. It all works as expected but there is a weird anomaly where I cannot access OMV services across the networks. For example I can't access the OMV web portal or SMB share using the VLAN2 OMV IP from any VLAN1 device. The same is true visa versa, I can't connect to the VLAN1 OMV IP via any VLAN2 device. Ping works just fine which shows that routing is working properly but the services are not not accessible when crossing the networks. Does OMV have some kind of filtering/ACL that does not let you connect from other subnets? Oddly my PiHole on Docker with a dedicated network address can be accessed on both VLANs. This reason alone is enough to think that there is some kind of traffic rejection happening for OMV&Plugins. Any ideas what it might be?

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