Backup OS USB Stick in OMV5 using sudo dd

  • Hi everyone,

    I am trying to use the backup method described in TDL's video using the command

    "sudo dd if=/dev/from of=/dev/to bs=1M" (of course with the source OS drive being replaced in the "from" and the destination drive [extra USB flash drive] being replaced in the "to" area)

    This would be in scheduled jobs as an un-enabled cron job that I can run manually to keep rotating USB sticks to backup OS versions when i need to.

    It worked great the first time and it was really simple - but then I notice the next time I was going to run the job the the drive designations kept changing - /dev/sd? (where ? designation keeps changing). So I am afraid to run this again fearing it will over-right my current OS drive. I really am not sure what to use for the "from" "to" drive path.

    I know that during an OMV5 update before the end of 2020 it changed the mount point to dev-disk-by-uuid so I am wondering if the sudo command above should/can use another device designation in lieu of the /dev/sd_ -- for example use the /dev/disk-by-id/usb-Sandisk---etc.

    Will this work? I tried to find info on this by searching the forum and on-line but I can't find any info to this point, or much about the change in drive mount points, etc. Maybe I missed it.

    I appreciate the help. Thanks.

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