Manual run Rsync works but UI throws an error and email notification spams my inbox every 2 mins

  • Hello OMV experts,

    I'm using Rsync client + RSync Server (2 x Raspberry 4B) to backup data from one NAS to a backup NAS and everything was working fine for a month or two.

    I recently had to rebuild the Raid storage on the backup NAS and I had to delete/recreate all the Rsync jobs (nothing changed on the Rsync server).

    However, now when I manually start a RSync Job, I get this error:

    The rsync job seems to work fine but I can't see the job output on the UI due to the error above and I'm getting spammed every 2 minutes with an email like this:

    Subject: [HOSTNAME] Cron
    Please wait, syncing <USERNAME@192.168.x.x::MODULENAME> to </srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-1234567-..-1234560abcd/backups/MODULENAME/> ...
    receiving incremental file list
    sent 4,197 bytes received 4,053,016 bytes 62,902.53 bytes/sec total size is 765,478,487,390 speedup is 188,671.01 The synchronisation has completed successfully.

    If I disable the option to "Send command output via email" on the Rsync Job everything works and I can see the Rsync progress on the system logs, but I'm wondering what happened since this was working fine before, i.e. I was able to start an Rsync job, see the output on the UI and receive 1 single email when finished with all the output together.

    I've already tried to re-create the jobs again without success. I'm using the latest build and I have already installed all the available updates and rebooted the device.

    Any thoughts? :)

  • [update] I think the emails every 2 minutes are because the job is running continuously as didn't provide any schedule (* * * * *). Now it's set to once per week and the email spamming should stop.

    Though, the error above is still an issue.

  • Could you please add -v -v to the extra options and then re-run the job? Please also run journalctl -f in parallel to check if there are more useful information why the job fails. I assume the shell is missing something when running the rsync job to a remote system.

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