Question about docker veth interfaces

  • Hi,

    have a question about docker networking.

    Actually in my OMV dashboard i see 16 veth interfaces listed.

    I know that every container has a veth pair and only one is visible to the host.

    First strange fact is that in the OMV dashboard i see both for a container i don't know the name of.

    root@DK:~# ethtool -S vethdc5188e
    NIC statistics:
    peer_ifindex: 15
    root@DK:~# ip link | grep 15:
    15: veth0346e0c@vethdc5188e: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 qdisc noop state DOWN mode DEFAULT group default

    In the dashboard i see both veth0346e0c and vethdc5188e. I should see only one.

    From terminal i see:

    15 veth interfaces here. vethdc5188e is one of them, and is UP but not RUNNING.

    So my questions here are:

    1. Why from the dashboard i see an entire veth pair and from terminal i only see one? (both have the eth icon grey next to them).

    2. I managed to find to which container is attached every veth interface. All but not for vethdc5188e.

    How can i understand what is this interface?

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