OMV 5 NGINX and Laravel

  • Hello all,

    I am using OMV 5 and would like to use a Laravel project additionally on the system.

    I had tried the way via Docker, only when I like to install the containers, it gives me problems with the ARM processor. I used a Raspberry Pi 4

    So I installed MySQL, Composer and NodeJS on the system directly.

    I also get my Laravel project running, ONLY I don't get the website displayed.

    I would like to have this running on port 88, although it doesn't have to be this port.

    In /etc/nginx/sites-available I have created a file in which I show this behavior.

    Only nothing happens. The only thing I managed to get is that the PHP page was downloaded.

    Do you have a solution for me?


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  • One of the first mistakes made by Docker users is attempting to use a Docker with the wrong architecture. In your case with a R-PI4 you need armhf or multiarch (multiple architectures). Dockers intended specifically for X86 or X86-64, will not work.

    Most Dockers from reputable authors have detailed instructions for their set up. For example, this is the instruction page for Plex, provided by Linuxserver. (linuxserver dockers work well and are well documented.) They cover environmental variables, bind points and more.

    Go to the Docker Hub search page, find your Docker, check the architecture against the author's page and and see what the author provides for setup instructions.

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