SMB configuration for OSX clients

  • Based on the samba 4.9.x functions and the guide…Work_Better_with_Mac_OS_X i discovered a few small things:

    1. the comment above "fruit:aaple = yes" in the smb.conf [global] section is not quite correct:

    # Special configuration for Apple's Time Machine

    technically correct it should be

    # enable Apple's SMB2+ extension codenamed AAPL

    2. for the shares sections you didnt add the "#Extra options" comment line when generating the smb.conf

    3. would be good to add the switch for ea support also in the global section (right now it just exists under shares, can be done via extra options so it works right now)

    and last but not least the really important thing/bug:

    4. inside the [shares] there is "vfs objects =" .... not very useful cause it stays inside the configuration even if you add the needed "vfs objects = fruit streams_xattr" via the extra options and you have to do this for every share cause it overwrites the global definition (if you did one)

    P.S. yes i did see what gets added when you enable Timemachine support (it makes more sense to create a separate TM share with quota). So at least when timemachine is not enabled you just should omit to put the empty "vfs_objects" into the section so the user can configure what he wants via extra options.

    Sometimes you just want OSX compatible shares without timemachine. And if you create a TM share you would like to add the quota most of the time.


    vfs objects = fruit streams_xattr
    fruit:time machine = yes
    # fruit:time machine max size = SIZE



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