replicate ups plugin functions (management and mail): which are the softwares and the configs?

  • Hi

    everybody, this is not strictly related with this forum but I need to replicate the operation of ups-plugin (turn off the machine if necessary, send mail to inform status' changes) on another linux machine, no omv.

    The omv plugin is great, just activated it and it works well without any problems.

    To do almost the same on the other system, which softwares should I install, in what order and how/where they have to be configurated?

    I think the steps are:

    1. install some email tools (which?)
    2. install network ups tools for ups management
    3. config both softwares: network up tools have to be configured "double", once for how sending mails (I mean, which email software etc) and once for describing when sending mail. Maybe all of this can be done together with a single file.

    Can someone help with me about how doing this things?

    Thanks in advice!!!!!

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