Execute ovm-rpc

  • Im following the documentation for ovm-rpc from here https://openmediavault.readthe…mv_rpc.html?highlight=rpc . However I am not able to execute the example command given there as a low privileged user. I keep getting the following error:

    $ /usr/sbin/omv-rpc -u admin 'RaidMgmt' 'getCandidates'
    {"response":null,"error":{"code":0,"message":"Failed to connect to socket: Permission denied","trace":"OMV\\Rpc\\Exception: Failed to connect to socket: Permission denied in \/usr\/share\/php\/openmediavault\/rpc\/rpc.inc:141\nStack trace:\n#0 \/usr\/sbin\/omv-rpc(107): OMV\\Rpc\\Rpc::call('RaidMgmt', 'getCandidates', NULL, Array, 2)\n#1 {main}"}}

    It works for root though. Thanks for your help.

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