How to lower CPU Frequency and disable Cores

  • Hey folks,

    I'm new here and currently starting my OMV journey.

    Currently using a Pentium G620 - 2c @2.6GHz and m goal is it to run it on a lower frequency + disable one core (depends on power consumption).

    The package I used to change the frequency is cpufrequtils.

    Sadly I was not able to change the frequency (min 800MHz and max 1000 MHz).
    I managed to change the governor to powersave but after a restart it foes back to conservative.

    Any idea how I can manage to change the min + max frequencies?


  • Use the environment variable OMV_CPUFREQUTILS_GOVERNOR. Check the docs how to handle them.

    Finally run

    # omv-salt stage run prepare
    # omv-salt deploy run cpufrequtils

    Thanks for your reply.

    I did the following:

    # omv-env set OMV_CPUFREQUTILS_MAXSPEED 1000MHz
    # omv-env set OMV_CPUFREQUTILS_MINSPEED 800MHz
    # omv-env set OMV_CPUFREQUTILS_GOVERNOR powersave

    After that I checked the variables

    # omv-env get

    Then I run

    # omv-salt stage run prepare
    # omv-salt deploy run cpufrequtils

    Both went trough without any failures.

    cpureq-info shows the correct governor but min. and max. frequency did not change.

  • Maybe it's nothing but do you have a setting on BIOS to control the performance of the CPU?

    It has been some time since I accessed a BIOS but some have that setting.

    Some pointers here:…erformance-tuning-example

  • Looks like something worked (kinda).
    There is apparently an hardware limit which is 1.6Ghz, so I can't go lower (if it's true).

    Now I somehow managed to set it to fixed 1.6Ghz.

  • Varusal

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