Removing/Replacing a disk

  • Hey all

    Bit of a background:
    I built a test OMV box so that I could see if I like it as a product and trust it with my files. I'm slowly building it as I get new drives, and I'm doing a mix of 2TBs and 1 TBs. I chose OMV because it can do SnapRAID, which I love, but I've run into an issue with changing drives.

    Actual problem:
    I replaced one of my 1TB drives today by turning off my PC, replacing the drive and powering it back on. I could add the new drive no problem but there are many entries to the old drive (in the AUFS pooling plugin, file systems tab, etc) that I can' get rid of. Suggestions on the board are to remove this from the config manually but this is after the fact. Is there a proper procedure I can follow to do before I have a failed drive? I can't seem to find one to make it so there are no entries for this drive. Even deleting the filesystem seems impossible as the delete button is greyed out.


  • Actually, there is no proper way to remove a already failed disk that is missing from the WebGUI. You need to either remove it from the GUI (In reverse, Services, shared Folders, unmount filesystem) while it is still active, or you have to remove it manually - or with our help - from the /etc/openmediavault/config.xml.

    There also are some Feature requests for it like, but a feature like that isn't implemented that easy according to Volker.


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  • Sorry to digg out this older thread, but I have the very same problem.

    I would like to upgrade my Raid1 disks from 1TB to 3TB.

    So in order to unmount, I would have to remove the services (had rsync and usb-backup running - deleted those). Then I would have to delete the shares, but I actually don't reall want to delete the files in those shares, I just want to remove the shared folder from the system, but leave the files on the disks (I have them on a backup disk, but I would prefer to have them on the raid disks as well, just to make sure we are fine).

    Is there any way I can do this?

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