RAID 5 or Something Else?

  • I have grown to love OMV so much that I want to make it my primary NAS in my house. That said, my question is that I want to buy drives, but get the largest I can reasonably afford. I want to buy 3x good drives today knowing I can expand / grow in the future. I was trying to find instructions on how to grow the array but am not finding anything that is giving me the warm and fuzzies. If I see instructions on how to expand / grow, I would see which RAID 5 or ZFS or something else is the way to go.

    I have a DS1813+ and growing the array is quite easy. Unfortunately, the device is long in the tooth and it takes a while for it to do anything. If I am building from the ground up, knowing I will add disks to the array I build, what is the best and or easiest way to go?

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    what is the best and or easiest way to go?

    Use mergerfs to pool the disks. Easy to expand. Sits on top of normal filesystems.

    Use snapraid if you want parity for redundancy. I prefer to backup my files to a second pool and additional servers. If I lose a drive in my pool, there is a bit of downtime for the content on that drive but I don't lose anything.

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