One disk refuse to spin up

  • Good day,

    In the quest of reducing watts I tried to let the 3 drives in my snapraid spin down when not used. They get used once a day at the most so spinning down felt reasonable. However, when the disk is to be accessed through samba for example one of the three disks won't spin up. I have 1 Seagate 8TB and 2 Toshiba 8TB. All the spinning disks in my omv nas is nas-disks.

    Both Toshiba disks have the same model naming and the serial number looks quite the same ending with "FAUG".

    It seems, for now, that the only thing to resolve it is to restart the nas to make it spin up. I have disabled spindown for the particular disk for the moment. What could be the possible reason for this phenomenon? Almost every forum thread I find have problems with spinning down, not spinning back up. ^^

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