Access Control List - wrong dialogue

  • Dear all,

    As always, first a thank you for OMV.

    I noticed a presumably unintended change in Storage - Shared Folders - Access Control List. If any changes are made in the ACL in the permissions of the folder, choosing 'save' saves the permission settings. That is how it always has been.

    New is that afterwards, when manoeuvring to another option of OMV (e.g. Dashboard) a dialogue box pops up, asking for "You have made changes that have not yet been saved. Do you want to discard them?". The options are "yes" (in red) or "no". If you choose "no", in fact the ACL modification panel cannot be left. Only "yes" lets you leave the current panel. However, this does not seem to make sense, because the status information on the right hand side of the screen indicates that the changes have been applied, and the subsequent dialogue box seems to be wrong.

    Thank you very much for looking into this matter.

    Kind regards,


  • votdev

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