Onedrive Plugin - Files on OneDrive & NAS not Equal

  • Hey

    I have just installed and set-up te OneDrive plugin.

    Am I safe to assume it will only pull the changed files from OneDrive and back-up to my Share every x minutes?

    This is what I want it to do...

    edit: oh I see I can set it to Full, download only or upload only okay.

    edit2: See my next post for my next question after editting the titel.



  • I have setup everything and let it copy all of onedrive to my NAS.

    But My OneDrive folder has 27.694 files in 1.637 folders for a total of 200GB

    My Onedrive folder on the NAS has 27.636 files in 1.637 folders for a total of 197GB

    Why would it be missing about 60 files ?

  • Chickenlal

    Changed the title of the thread from “Onedrive Plugin” to “Onedrive Plugin - Files on OneDrive & NAS not Equal”.
  • Quote

    Why would it be missing about 60 files ?

    You would need to look at the verbose logs of the application to understand what is going on, why there are missing files.

    In a situation like this, you need to be able to run the client manually (which is difficult on OMV because of how it has been integrated). You can look as your 'sync status' by running the client manually with the following option:

    onedrive --display-sync-status

    But on OMV this is not going to directly work for you because of how OMV is storing all the configuration & files, so the '--confdir' parameter needs to also be included.

    You probably need to do the following:

    1. Ensure you are running v2.4.23 or later as the client version

    2. Ensure that the application, when run under OMV, is configured for verbose logging. You may also need to increase this to debug logging if an answer cannot be found. You need to add '--verbose' to where the application is called from (the OMV start onedrive scripts)

    3. Configure and enable logging to a file (makes it easier to review what the client is doing) - you need to set this in your config file:

    enable_logging = "true"
    log_dir = "/path/to/your/log/location/"

    4. Once you have your verbose logging configured, force the client to perform a '--resync'. Local data that resides locally will not be redownloaded, and what is going on will be recorded in your log file. You will need to update the OMV start onedrive scripts with '--resync --resync-auth'.

    However due to how 'onedrive' has been integrated to OMV configuring these is not going to be a simple aspect for you - votdev can you help your user configure verbose logging, enable logging to a file and force a resync this please.

    Once this is done and your client is restarted, either one of two things will happen:

    1. Anything missing will then be downloaded - bringing your local copy in sync

    2. Anything that fails to be downloaded will be clearly articulated as to why - which then provides your answer as to why there is a difference.

    Without having any logs or logging enabled, or knowing what the current sync state actually is, it cannot be advised as to what and why there is a difference.

    Chickenlal - Once you have your logs all sorted, please follow the correct support process for the client and open an issue here:

  • Okay Thanks, I'm not really strong with OMV, but I will check everything out.

    As another question, I tried it twice on a different share.

    The 1 share that is not connected anymore via the settings, can I just delete the share without impact on my onedrive?

    It was on full download/upload, but the settings are setup for the new share.

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