Power failure during expand/reshape RAID.

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with RAID. I had a power failure in the middle of a RAID rebuild. Unfortunately the server is not starting up properly. There is only a blinking cursor on the monitor. It only starts up after disconnecting the disks. I reconnected the disks after running OMV and the background process notifications appear.

    System recognises all connected drives correctly, SMART status is ok

    However, the software RAID tab is empty :( I also cannot create a new RAID because OMV says there are no drives available.

    I hope the data can be recovered. I would be extremely grateful for your help :)

  • md0 : active (auto-read-only) raid6 sdk[10] sdj[7] sdi[6] sdh[5] sdg[8] sdf[11] sde[0] sdd[1] sdb[2] sdc[9]

    27348246016 blocks super 1.2 level 6, 512k chunk, algorithm 2 [10/10] [UUUUUUUUUU]


    bitmap: 2/30 pages [8KB], 65536KB chunk

    unused devices: <none>

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    Added the Label resolved

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