Docker pull connection errors

  • Hello together,

    I have some issues with reacreating/pull new images in Docker and I think it could be connected to one of the following things I did before:

    I installed and used PiHole but deinstalled it again, maybe i messed up some DNS addresses in some settings and now its pointing to the wrong nameserver.
    I accidentally ones pressed delete Docker in the OMV GUI instead of restart Docker, I reinstalled it and Docker Containers were still there.

    Now if I want to recreate a Container, it always gives connection failed code 400. Pulling new images also don't work.

    Would be highly appreciated if someone could help me out, let me know if you need any further details.

    Thanks :)

    EDIT: I have already checked the DNS Server address under Network/Interfaces and its the correct one.

  • I don't know what the right DNS entry is, but as far as I know, docker only uses the server's DNS entries to find the docker server, but if your DNS server does not have those entries, you will not find the image since the hub can't be found.

    Try setting the interface DNS to one of the big internet ones, such as google and

  • Thanks for the fast answer!

    Unfortunately, this change didn't work. If I try to recreate a Container, it gives me the following Error console:

  • I have never seen an error output like that. what are you running on? If this is a RPi someone that has more experience with them may be able to help better.

    That said the error 409, according to what I am seeings is related to docker not being able to remove a container.

    perhaps you should try some docker pruning (cleanup)

    docker ps -a you will get a list of all containers - running and stopped and the images they are based on

    docker container prune you can delete all stopped containers

    docker image prune you can delete all unused images

  • I can update that I fixed the issue, for people who may I counter something similar:

    • So Tipp that 409 is meaning the container couldn’t be deleted or started, let me check the logs of this specific docker container (Vaultwarden). Turns out they added a new ENV that need to be added when using a docker volume as the storage: I_REALLY_WANT_VOLATILE_STORAGE=true
    • This didn’t fix the initial problem, where I couldn’t pull images, which gave me a 400 error. Turns out after I update everything in the OMV update Manager in the GUI, it worked again. If it was a update or just the restart of the daemon I don’t know, but it works 👍

    hope I can maybe help someone encountering similar issues.

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