New OMV server. When I try to copy files it works for a few seconds, then transfer speed dives to nothing and errors out.

  • Hey Guys.

    New to the server world, and trying to debug this problem. I believe I have everything set up right according to Hauke's Projects pt.3 video on OMV setup, minus all the drive shenanigans. I set it up a straight raid 5 over 4x 2tb Seagate drives.

    Anyways, In trying to transfer my 300+ GB of music over to my storage server, I get maybe small folders over before the transfer speed dip to nothing, and errors out, and windows no longer can find the drive. The WebUI also quits at the same time. However, the command line on the server still works, thought I'm not versed in CMD and left well alone. Going to run a memtest to start to rule out hardware faults.

    I'm starting to suspect this little AMD Sempron 3400+ with 4gb of ram just doesn't have the balls to move the data, however I'm skeptical. I just enabled debug logging on SMB now, so when someone reads this, please tell me what I need to post and will do promptly as I can.

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    In trying to transfer my 300+ GB of music over to my storage server

    From where, in other words where/on what is your music currently stored

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    OMV 6x amd64 running on an HP N54L Microserver

  • A microsoft storage spaces raid 5 array of the same size (~5.71 TB) on my personal desktop. The storage server and my desktop are on the same router, and connection is gigabit. Another note is the server hardware is too old to read the memtest UEFI, so SoL on that department. I'll grab my laptop and see if a game folder will transfer fine over wireless and wired.

  • OK, I used my laptop to transfer a random movie to the server on a wired connection (Why did i think wireless was going to work? shows you how new I am I guess...) and it seems to be working with no problems. But now that I'm looking, it only has a 100 connection. not gigabit. It also started at 6MB/s and as of writing is slowing to 3.5, probably more as the CPU is Pegged at 100% load. Maybe I am looking at the hardware just not being up to the task.

  • Further investigation reveals that my RAM usage doesn't dip to idle,(~15%) and appears to be static at 75% after the 3.59gb transfer. I also get errors locally on the server, such as (failed to create new user journal: no space left on device).

  • Gave up on this server, for now. Ill keep searching Ebay for a Neo II dual core and maybe resurrect this server one day. Moved to a I5 650 system, and everything been rock solid, except for the power supply seems to be on the way out. Might as well close this thread out.

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  • i own a similar AMD Sempron and i have no problems with CPU-Peaks and my System has only 4GByte of RAM and OMV runs fine!

    Finally i assume, everything went fine with the new Dual-Core, doesn`t it?

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