The usage warning threshold for rootfs is ignored in OMV 6

  • I'm getting this e-mail notification:

    Service:     rootfs
    Event:       Resource limit matched
    Description: space usage 85.5% matches resource limit [space usage > 85.0%]

    I'd like to update the usage warning threshold of rootfs to 90 or 95% in OMV 6.

    I see that old OMV_MONIT_SERVICE_FILESYSTEM_SPACEUSAGE=95 in /etc/default/openmediavault trick no longer works in OMV 6. We're now given the option to set a per file system usage warning threshold. Nice! :thumbup:

    To expose that threshold for rootfs, one needs to install the sharerootfs plug-in. Done.

    One problem, though. If I set a threshold for rootfs to 95%, and run:

    omv-salt stage run prepare
    omv-salt deploy run monit

    I still get the e-mail notification.

    I expected /etc/monit/conf.d/openmediavault-filesystem.conf to be updated to 95%, but it still seems to contain:

    # Alert if disk space of root filesystem gets low
    check filesystem rootfs with path /
        if space usage > 85% for 5 times within 15 cycles
            then alert else if succeeded for 10 cycles then alert

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    You need to use the env variable OMV_MONIT_SERVICE_FILESYSTEM_ROOT_USAGEWARNTHRESHOLD. The sharerootfilesystem plugin is a compromise to those that have to workaround the concept of OMV to do not use the root file system for user data. This can be seen here that this plugin breaks concepts.

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