Choose correct mask for SMB file creation - Inheritance doesn't work?

  • I have a SMB share (basically a private home directory for users, but manually set up for better control of access).

    The config file (managed via OMV Web):

    This all works fine, however when new files are created via SMB then the mask of the file causes the dockeruse to lose the read permission (docker should be able to read everything, just not write something):

    No, I read a bit into the whole SMB/Mask stuff I found online but tbh I am thoroughly confused still.

    So, I know the "inherit X" settings cause SMB to ignore the "mask" settings. Which in my opinion is OK because the "default" ACLs are correct - but it seems SMB still overwrites the mask when new files are created?

    Then I need to remove the "inherit X" settings and set the masks manually? But to what value? Because644 (rw-r--r--) seems fine - but apparently SMB uses ----w---- somehow?

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