KVM networking issue

  • Hello,

    I need to fix a network issue between my services:

    here is my configuration:

    - Nginx Proxy manager running on docker (Network ; bridge): internal IP:

    - KVM virtual machine running Home Assistant instance. IP:

    - OMV host has IP

    I can't access to my HA instance from outside my LAN.

    After many tests...I noticed that I can not ping HA Virtual machine from Nginx container.

    all the other machines on my LAN are actually seen by Nginx contaner.

    so I suppose there is a continuity issue beween the conainer network and the KVM network, but I'm not an expert and can not figure it out....

    anyone to help me? Ask me for the infos you need...

    Thank you


  • I found out how to fix that by changing the network adapter of my OMV system by a bridge, as described in the KVM plugin wiki....

    now everything is OK

  • macom

    Added the Label resolved

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