Nobody folder shared by samba

  • I have set OMV7 (7.0-29) with three users, six shared folders, but only three shared by samba plus home directories. I also have KVM with one VM.

    One of the samba shares (Public) is set with guest only permission. The others are no Public.

    Mysteriously, I now have a folder being shared called nobody.

    It doesn't exist on the disk. It doesn't disappear if I disable the Public guest share. It doesn't disappear if I change minimum samba version from 3 to 2. It does disappear if I turn off home directory sharing. So I take it that it is the nobody user being picked up by samba. I suppose I could add,


    browseable = no

    to smb.conf but that seems to be a bad idea since smb.conf is managed by OMV.

    Has anyone else run into this?

  • Krisbee Yes, I saw the thread. It is smb version 4.17.12-Debian so it appears to be the same thing.

    I just tried 'access based share enum = yes' and I thought it would have worked but instead it hid the homes folder and left the nobody folder visible. No my reading of the docs. ;)

    I think for the moment I will just leave it. OMV7 is RC1 so things are going to change and I would rather not mess around with it to much in case it trips me up later (I have not been documenting my setup). That being said, the chance of a version change in debian is rather small.

  • The suggested fix in the Debian forum does work. For example:

    root@omv:/etc/samba# cat /etc/samba/smb.conf.d/home.conf
            browseable = no

    The "nobody" folder no longer appears.

  • Considering this affects the RC for OMV7, do you think I should report it as a bug? Otherwise, with little prospect of a change in version from Bookworm, this is going to pop up in every installation of OMV7 for years to come.

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