can't get filebrowser to work with restricted shares

  • Hi

    I'm new to OMV and I have no prior Linux experience. I just set up my NAS (migrated from router based NAS) on a Raspi5 - intended use: family & friends.

    I got almost everything pretty much working the way I want. I can access all folders from windows as intended (permission wise). But OMV (Web)Filebrowser only works on some folders.

    • I have a base share set up like this

    • But here the confusion already starts: when setting up the share it is "Administrator, Users, Others. However when I want to change it afterwards, it seems I have to go into "access control list" (green Checkmark).:  
    • The one called "permissions" (Question mark) I dont understand - looks like the ACL list in "ACL" but containing just the users created by me. And also, in the banner it says: "...the permissions have no effect on permissions..." - I dont get that.
    • anyway, in "ACL" the terminology seems to be a bit different: I presume: Adminstrator =Owner, Group=Users and Others=Others
    • Now, in my base share I have several shares with different permissions e.g.
      • User1: Admin rwx / Users = group containing the user1 rwx / Others none
      • SharedFiles : Admin rwx / Users: rwx / Others rx
      • Transfer: Everyone rwx
      • my personal share is set up with a group that contains my user and filebrowser
      • in the Filebrowser Webservice however, I can access just the shares that have "permissions of group" set to users, like this , not the ones where "permissions of group" is set to a group containing the user filebrowser (which is in the system)
      • While in the Filebrowser service it says:

    What do I have to do, to access such restricted shares?

    I did find out, that I can access the restricted shares in filebrowser if I activate RWX in the ACL list for the user "filebrowser" like this

    but I dont really dare because here: omv-extras it says: I shouldnt use ACL lists unless I really know what I am doing - and I clearly dont...

    The reason I need file browser is. This seems to be the only place to erase old folder etc. Wiping a disk in OMV actually does nothing. It is still everything there - filesystem, folders, whatever was on it. You have to take it out to different (windows machine) and wipe it there with gparted or so, only then can you create a new file system - weird.

    thanks alot

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