Interest in CPU utilization/temp dashboard widget?

  • I've considered writing a combo widget to show CPU temp and utilization as a single meter—basically using the widget developed for showing system load and applying it to show how hard the CPU is working and how hot it's getting at the same time. If I need finer grained detail than that, I need a terminal and htop anyway, and the single combined widget would be a better use of space while showing the exact same info. (That is, it means my dashboard would no longer scroll. Yay me, dunno if anyone else even remotely cares.)

    Does anyone else want such a thing? I haven't written it yet but it looks absolutely trivial as all the pieces are already there. I'd literally do the things the two existing widgets do and put the numbers into the appropriate widget. But because the pieces are already there, it'd be trivial to contribute such a thing to the cputemp plugin.

  • chente

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