ZFS plugin now sending scrub emails even if no issues as of OMV7?

  • Since upgrading to OMV7 (and starting with a fresh config) - I now get emails for the built-in monthly ZFS scrub even when the scrub has been fine with no issues or errors (causing me minor panic since I didn't used to get them!)

    Is there any way to disable these (if successful - would of course still like the emails if there's been an error or repair!)? Had a look in /usr/lib/zfs-linux/scrub which runs the scrub from cron - but can't figure out where it's sending the email from and don't see any obvious ENV vars

  • Selecting "ZFS ZED" in the notifications events links the OMV mail system to the "ZFS EVENT DAEMON". Certain "event classes" end up generating those emails, a "scrub finish event" being one of them. You can list your pool events at the CLI with zpool events -v

    A change was made to mail/ZED behaviour in late Feb as there was a problem with receiving email alerts for faulted/unavail drives in ZFS pools. See: zfs degraded, no mail or any other alert.

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