Generating an Index for Windows Search

  • I a noob when it comes to server side file sharing but I have just set up OMV to use as a file store and backup for files at 5 person small business.

    Now I am lead to believe you can create a index of the files and the data contained within and share that with the windows computers on the network. Is this possible on OMV? I would like to do this as we have 20k of word documents that is often searched though by 3 different users and I would like to avoid them having to index the files on the sever.

  • This is not even implemented yet in Samba:…/2012-October/087320.html…library_and_torture_tests

    If you want to have indexing, you have to do it locally.


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  • Thank you for your response. Its a shame that won't work as it seems like a good idea.

    Is there any opensource/free search applications that would allow me to build an index and then share that index with the other users.

    We use Windows XP, and Windows 7 computers.

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