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    This little tutorial describes how to configure the mySQL Plugin.


    • Go to the plugins section and install the openmediavault-mysql plugin. Logout and log back into web-gui ( The browser needs to be reloaded. Other alternatives are: press F5, hold CTRL and press r, or simply click on the reload curling arrow by the address line)
    • Now we need to change the root password for mysql via SQL Buddy. If you already have a password you can skip this step. If you are using mysql for any of Miller's scripts you need to find out what the root password is before you proceed. If you change it it may break some of your other services.
    • Once the mysql plugin is installed go to services/mysql then on right choose put a checkmark in enable and choose a SQL Data Volulme. Then click on save and apply.
    • With MySQL enabled we need to change the root password. Go to /sevices/mysql again then on right scroll down a bit and putt cheks in enable SQL management site and enable show tab containing Management frame. Click on Save and Apply. Then click on Launch Management Site button.
    • Now you should have the SQL Buddy sign in. For Host put in localhost, for Username put in root and for password leave it blank. Click on Submit.
    • Once in SQL web-interface on upper left click on users, then in middle you need to put a checkmark in all 3 root users (localhost,, and nameofyouromv). Then click edit. There will be 3 sections in next screen put in new password and click on submit on each blank (square). Use same password for all three blanks (squares).
    • Then in upperright hand corner click on logout.

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