Howto remove the "SparesMissing event"

  • After replacing one of my HDDs and successful recovery (RAID6) I also get this message now (OMV version 5.5.23.-1).

    Apparently, the issue still exists.

  • I also received the alert again after RAID recovery, which is not a huge deal. I did however notice this in my mdadm.conf though:

    # This file is auto-generated by openmediavault (
    # WARNING: Do not edit this file, your changes will get lost.
    # mdadm.conf
    # Please refer to mdadm.conf(5) for information about this file.

    The warning seems to run counter to the working fix in this thread. Also, I tried to look for "mdadm.conf(5)", but no such file exists in the same directory. Not sure if I should be concerned or not?

  • Just to report that this is still happening in OMV6.

    After replacing a failing disk in a RAID5 (with 3 disks), I started getting the emails about missing spare.

    All looks good in the GUI.

    I haven't edited the mdadm conf file, but I wonder if it will be overwritten by OMV at some point.

    Edit: I've edited the mdadm.conf and changed spares=0. I rebooted and OMV did not overwrite the mdadm.conf, so all good so far... I'll report back if I get any glitch in the future.

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