[HOWTO] Install aMule-daemon on OMV

  • 2018.05.19 UPDATE: this how to still works, but better if you use dockers to install apps in OMV, my [HOWTO] for install on docker is:https://forum.openmediavault.o…net-in-the-Docker-Plugin/https://forum.openmediavault.o…net-in-the-Docker-Plugin/

    more info: https://www.adslzone.net/repor…descargar-archivos-emule/

    Hello this guide is to help others (and myself) to install aMule-daemon on OMV and configure it properly to acess remote from your work / your Home (other PC), etc...

    some literature:

    and my first steps on Nas4Free: http://forums.nas4free.org/viewtopic.php?f=79&t=2358&p=48534


    First you need to open a shell to write commands, I use PuTTy from windows, but you can use others ways.

    1 -

    apt-get install amule-daemon

    this install amule-daemon:

    now you need to create some files and folders, please use your OWNPATH for absolute path when needed, for your info:
    /media/78088e03-200e-4008-93f0-f862cedbf2f8/Temp/ is my folder for Temp files, I use an old 250GB for this pourpouse, so no need to awake other disk in my system when donwload.

    2 -

    mkdir /home/aMule

    3 -

    mkdir /home/aMule/.aMule

    4 -

    echo -n password | md5sum

    here my suggest is to change password for your real password to generate apropiate MD5sum that you need later.
    5 -

    nano  /etc/default/amule-daemon

    edit file to add aMule as user (use "aMule" as it)
    6 -

    useradd aMule -g users -s /bin/sh -c "aMule Daemon" -d /home/aMule

    7 -

    chown -R aMule:users /home/aMule

    Now is time to start for first time aMule that generate apropiate files & Folders
    8 -

    /etc/init.d/amule-daemon start  PD:also works fine : service amule-daemon start

    Because new files are created in /home/aMule/.aMule, you need to do other time:
    9 -

    chown -R aMule:users /home/aMule

    now you can stop aMule and finish configuration:
    10 -

    /etc/init.d/amule-daemon stop    PD:also works fine : service amule-daemon stop

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