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    Hey guys! I finally got my friend to test out the ftp, but I was wondering, is there any way to get ftp stats? Meaning I have no way of seeing their connection or anything like that. I was trying to figure out how fast the transfers were, but there's nothing in the ftp plugin. He also said that when he tried it on from the browser, it also didn't tell him anything about the speed. So this is why I'm asking if we can get something like that on here. We did try a slightly bigger file and he said it would take about 20 minutes for like a 170 meg file which I thought was slow, but that may just be my internet connection. Well that was my deduction since the server is new and he has a faster line than I do. I also can't see who connected or when. So I just thought I mention it.

    I haven't tested that yet, but I think it will be fine. I need to go fix the clutch cylinder in my car so I haven't tested anything at the moment.

    Thanks Macom. Well I feel stupid now I think the router may have been what I used to get it at first, but that won't work if the server is off and I'm just thinking of the worst case scenario that I'm away somewhere and have to turn the server on and can't access the local desktop if I forget my password. :) You can't ssh to a server that is off either. I wanted to make an icon for the second nic and since this one didn't show in the OMV gui, I thought I ask. I'll see if the tool shows me the second nic. Thanks for the heads up on the search tool. I haven't used it that much so that looks pretty useful. The reason for trying to get the second nic set up is in case the cable ever gets plugged into the other port instead of where it was or if I ever need to have someone change it to the other port if I'm on the other side of the moon and need tech support. Again, assuming I'm somewhere else but you get the point.

    I was looking for the mac address under the webgui/network/interfaces, but when I hit edit, I don't see it anywhere. I noticed there is a "note" space there so I was trying to add it in there and got this message. I can't remember how I looked it up last time, but I wanted to have it in case I accidentally delete my WOL icon and have to re-create that again. I also have two nics and I'm only using one but I wanted to make another WOL icon for the second one as well. The WOL is the other program I use in windows. I'm attaching the error after trying to save that note with the mac address. I think I manged to revert back to what it was but I thought I show you this since I thought I note was just any text. Or if the mac address shows somewhere else please let me know. Thanks. By the way even though my nas has two nics, only one shows in the GUI. I like to turn my nas on and off remotely so this is the reason I'm looking into this.

    Can you please forward in your router the ftp port and the passive port range to te server.
    Also fill in the masquerade address your current public IP address or if you have a personal domain dynamically mapped to your router is also fine.
    Report back if then works with ftps from wan. Is correct to use explicit. Don't use implicit.

    Subzero79, thanks for the info. I believe I got it working now. I went ahead and put all the info in one port forwarding entry in the router, but apparently this router doesn't like it like that. So I had to add the range in one line and the individual port on another. It worked right after that. The range is the one with the colon in between and that's how this router uses that. As for the client I think I tried all of the settings and maybe the implicit was the last one I tried. I found I don't need to put in a masquerade address once I did it this way and it just worked. I do have a question on that IP, does that refer to the address for example or the router ip address from the isp? I don't have a domain server at home so I'm still not clear on what that one may be. Anyway, now I was able to type ftp://dyndns address:port number and it works fine from there too, so this is how I was able to also test it here. I just have to try to remember all these port numbers I'm using.

    gderf, I don't think I was able to get to that folder using sftp last time I tried. I only used root and that only went to the system c drive if I remember correctly. I wouldn't mind trying that if you have a short write up I can look up. I'm just glad I can actually use it now, so thanks for your help, I really appreciate it. I do rather use a more secure connection whenever possible. Eventhough my certificate is expired it still pops up. Is that any good?

    Can you please post here your configuration, in terminal as root

    omv-confdbadm read --prettify co

    Sure. Here it is...

    The programs included with the Debian GNU/Linux system are free software;
    the exact distribution terms for each program are described in the
    individual files in /usr/share/doc/*/copyright.

    Debian GNU/Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent
    permitted by applicable law.
    Last login: Fri Aug 18 23:09:39 2017 from desktop3d
    root@nas8:~# omv-confdbadm read --prettify conf.service.ftp
    "allowforeignaddress": false,
    "allowrestart": false,
    "anonymous": false,
    "displaylogin": "",
    "dynmasqrefresh": 0,
    "enable": true,
    "extraoptions": "",
    "identlookups": false,
    "limittransferrate": false,
    "masqueradeaddress": "",
    "maxclients": 5,
    "maxconnectionsperhost": 4,
    "maxdowntransferrate": 0,
    "maxloginattempts": 5,
    "maxpassiveports": 65534,
    "maxuptransferrate": 0,
    "minpassiveports": 49152,
    "modules": {
    "mod_ban": {
    "rule": []
    "mod_tls": {
    "enable": true,
    "extraoptions": "",
    "nocertrequest": false,
    "nosessionreuserequired": false,
    "required": false,
    "sslcertificateref": "fa8034fd-6b0e-4235-874b-334249fd0c4a",
    "useimplicitssl": false
    "port": 2121,
    "requirevalidshell": false,
    "rootlogin": false,
    "shares": {
    "share": [
    "comment": "",
    "enable": true,
    "extraoptions": "",
    "sharedfolderref": "5b5d2bf4-a4ec-40df-b87b-7215c04173c3",
    "uuid": "fba9285f-1e25-4249-ab11-b1e5fd6e1922"
    "timeoutidle": 1200,
    "transferlog": false,
    "usepassiveports": false,
    "usereversedns": false

    Hi guys. I have been trying to set up ftp access for a friend of mine to my server. I have the account setup, the share access and all that good stuff. I have been at this for a while now. I have tried a lot of different things and so I'll just tell you what I have done so far because I have tried many different combination of things and nothing. Before that, I can tell you that locally I can ftp to the share fine. If I use the internal IP that is. Once I change that to the domain name(ddns), no access. I have forwarded the individual port and also used a range for passive access which I also enabled on the server with no luck. I have tried with and without passive mode on. I was using just ssl access so I went back and added the other ports to the router so I could check the non ssl access to the server which works fine. So I have checked that. I have used port 21, and others just to see if the server would take it, but nothing worked. I did this because I noticed that filezilla automatically defaults to port 21 which makes sense but still didn't work when that port was forwarded. Now the default router ports are 20:21 so this is the reason I was using other port numbers and the range without the internal port so that it would just chose whatever port is available to prevent conflict with the router ftp. Still nothing. I went and read about changing some settings under the passive and active tab in filezilla but even then still nothing. So I thought I change to winscp just to test this out and here's the message I get there. I have also added the filezilla error I get when trying to connect.

    I also forgot to ask, is FTP a plugin? I wanted to uninstalled it but didn't find a plugin for it.

    I just got this other error on here after I hit submit.

    After the backup got to about 70 something percent it just stayed there so I went and hit cancel but nothing seemed to happen. I waited for that then I connected through ssh into the nas and deleted that folder with all those files. I then deleted that path and tried to use my own as mentioned earlier. Then I could not log into the nas. I then re-booted the nas and was able to get back in. I tried changing the path on both the server side and the client but no luck. The backup just no longer worked after this. So I have now uninstalled this plugin. I just thought I update this for anyone else trying to use this. It looked interesting but I had no luck with it since it wants to put the backup files in it's default path and not where I wanted them. I did scan through some of the documentation but just couldn't find an easy way to change that.

    I installed the UrBackup plugin to test out and I wanted to try it out with my laptop. I noticed that the default seems to be the system drive in the nas if I'm correct. I then downloaded the client and installed it on my laptop. Once the server was on and I logged in, it started the backup of the laptop, but I know it's not a shared because I haven't changed anything. I like that it seems to work almost automatically but it's definitely going into the wrong place. So what's the best way to change this to a share or on the other actual drives? I definitely have space on the drive but I don't want that getting full with the backups obviously.

    Now, can I just change this path to say \\IPaddress\backup since I already have a backup share for this to work? I have never used urbackup so I just thought check here first before changing or testing things. I'll let this backup finished and try later too. I'm not sure if it backs up to a single file or multiple files, I can always make a new folder. But I'm not sure what it does at the moment. This is the reason I'll let this back up to where it is now and check the file or files.

    Hi geaves. Well you hit this right on the nail. That's how I have it too and how the shares are supposed to work, but what was a bit confusing for me are those check boxes which is basically what you said about not having to deny anyone else anything. So when I created the ftp I wanted to make sure no one could see any other shares in case someone ever got my account details when outside, assuming I ever use it. And for whatever reason I went ahead and checked the no access for everything else automatically. This is where I wasn't sure if I needed to do that or not. I wasn't sure if I didn't that it would still keep anyone else using that account from the other shares. So that's why I also ended up using a different account for the ftp and since I had checked the no access for all the other shares, when I added my main account to it, the system basically looks at the no access part first and just applies those. I was getting confused because that first account had access to all the other shares already but got denied when I added it to the ftp group. I hope this makes sense now. But I also like to keep things simple and will undo my checked boxes and test the account that way so that I don't have to worry about this sort of thing again. I need to stop over thinking the share rights specially now that my nas is working so well.

    Got it. Well I have the hardware in my case so I figured it's worth a try. I think it may work, but I can't say for sure until I try it. I may not need to plug in three computers so I may end up using the two port vga kvm I have, but I'm not sure if it's still working since I wasn't getting any video but then again I didn't get any video with the computer plugged in straight to the monitor so I may not have to take my 2 port kvm out just yet. I just like my old 4 port better. The two port is kind of finicky but if it works I'll be happy. Then again it could have just been my old computer telling me to let it die already. :)

    Okay, after taking a nice break I think I have solved this issue and of course I feel pretty dumb, but here it goes. I have one test account on the ftp group which I have also denied access to all other shared folders as you can see in the screenshot. I then added the second account to the ftp group which basically locked me out of all the shares with that account, except ftp which now makes sense. Now my question is, can I leave the "no access" settings unchecked and will that still prevent access to the other shares even though I have not checked anything? I just want to make sure I'm using this correctly and also understand what's happening a little better. So although I don't want any ftp users to access anything else, I don't want to lock myself out like this again but I was just thinking about the only thing I did change which was the ftp account I deleted to make a new one with the shorter name. Now I remember why I made a movies and music account or any other account for that matter. As you can see I guess I was trying to use one account for everything, but it doesn't work quite like this and I just have to try to remember that.

    The bios usually makes fixes and/or add support for new hardware, but you said you were using it so there's that. Just try to burn your iso with something else, even if just for kicks. Some programs may or may not work too well at burning images, just saying from experience on that. I waited so long to get an ssd because I wanted the technology to mature, that I am finally using one on my computer right now. The install went without any problems like any other system on a regular hard drive, so from what you are telling me, my money is that your problem is on your image. But that's just my guess, at least from my experiences. Updating your bios won't hurt anything though.

    I never heard of synergy, is that like a virtual kvm switch? I'm waiting for some small adapters to try my old vga kvm again on the new monitor with hdmi. If it works I can plug my xen which is under my desk, me desktop next to the monitor and the small back up nano on the wall for when nothing is working, it's not the fastest but works for a backup if I need to get to the web. The new kvm's are too expensive and from reading about them with hdmi, many of them don't seem to work too well so I figured I just test my old one first and see how that goes. I still have 20/20 and I can't tell the difference between vga and hdmi on the screen. LOL I just hope it works since the plugs are ps/2 on it, but I am waiting for some vga to hdmi adapters and some ps/2 to usb. My new boards have one ps/2 plug so I may be able to get by with just one single adapter for the mouse. I am being optimistic though.

    The first thing you should do with a new board is update the bios and then load the optimum defaults. Sometimes the old bios could have problems with new hardware. I also just got a new board for my desktop and the bios was like 3 revisions old since it had the very first version installed. Just a suggestion. The second thing when you're having problems like this is to check your images. If the image is bad it doesn't matter what you do, it will always give you problems. Use rufus or something else to burn your image. I don't know what you use, but using netbutin always gave me a good headache until I changed and found that was my problem in getting omv installed not matter what I used. Someone did mention that changing some setting in netbutin worked, but I got tired of it screwing me up so much that I don't use it.

    Okay that makes sense. I just like to make sure I'm going through all the steps correctly and not just hitting and clicking on things to see what they do. As for windows 10, you should be fine it it's been working. It's usually when things are added or changed that this sort of thing happens, specially if it hasn't been tested. This is why I have been thinking very hard about what may have caused it, but I honestly can't think of what that was. I guess I can always redo the accounts but I think I'll wait for an update or two to see if that helps. I would blame windows but I hardly use my laptop and since I got the same thing there I know it's not that. But like I said before everything has been very stable so far. I think I need to stop adding things I don't need and just leave it alone. :) Once It gets sorted out. I forgot to mention, I also don't really like these media programs since they usually go out into the net to get their info and well I like to keep my stuff lean and working. They are nice, but I hardly watch tv anyway.

    I see what you mean and yes I'm using windows 10. So far I can basically do the same check with the new user since I'm on the wireless network. I am able to access all the shares again once I made it. So far mine has been very stable but I keep testing things that I have not used before, like the plex which I don't care much for, but since it was there I figured I check it out. Oh and I'm the only one who uses the nas here so I can mess with it a bit longer.