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    So about a week ago I used the Luks plugin to encrypt a HDD. Now, when I go to the encryption tab to unlock my device, it doesn't show up. Any idea what can be causing this? The HDD still shows under smart and under file systems, it says missing.

    So I wanted to attach a new hdd to my system and encrypt it. When I go to the luks plugin however and click the pulldown menu, nothing shows up there. The hard drive is working normally and detected by the system otherwise.

    Any specific reason for that?

    I also needed some time to make the first tests with it, but now I think it is very easy to set up things - and difficult to break something.

    As you have your sandbox, why not give it a try?

    I feel like docker containers aren't that customizable outside of the basic setup parameters. When OMV first implemented a docker plugin a couple of years back, I immediately ditched the deluge plugin and migrated to docker in favor of a ruTorrent container. Maybe I just didn't download a great container, but I really can't customize it. Whenever I change values in the container such as max memory for example, it seems that the settings don't save for some reason. I even edited (what I thought) was the config file manually in nano (rtorrent.rc) and it just broke things. Secondly, I can not protect the container with the fail2ban plugin which is a bit bothersome for me tbh. Third, docker had a few problems last year which broke all the containers, which further turned me off. That's why I'd rather actually learn how to manage the extra stuff that I use with OMV myself. I installed plex manually, duplicati,, etc. Also it seems like certain plugins are discontinued without warning.

    All that being said, if I could find a docker container for ruTorrent that works a bit better than the one I'm running right now then I'm 100% open to giving it a go, also securing it with fail2ban would be a big plus. The container that I'm currently using that comes with autodl-irssi is diameter/rutorrent-rutorrent. Any recommendations will be tested.

    Does that make it any less broken?

    No it does not make it less broken. It does however make it a sandbox for experiments though. We were all novice's at one point that conducted experiments and (hopefully) learned from our errors. So in response to your original quote, I'd agree 100% if this were done on my main rig. However as said it was done on a laptop for the purposes of experimenting and sometimes we "break" things when experimenting.

    I know this has something to do with changing a few of nginx's config files, but since my linux skills are rather lacking, I can not figure it out. I installed ruTorrent using this guide:…r-debian-10-nginx-php-fpm

    When I go to my server's IP address, I am met with user:pass sign in screen. Once I enter the credentials, I am met with a 403 error. However if I go to the server IP address/rutorrent, it loads and works fine. however, if I go to server IP address/openmediavault I'm just met with the blue omv screen with the logo on the bottom right.

    Any help provided would be greatly appreciated. I am not a huge fan of docker so I'd prefer to use traditional installations with apps and omv. I've managed to install plex, tautulli, duplicati and a file browser with no issues, but ruTorrent still remains a problem :) Thanks everyone for reading!

    In the past I had such a delay during boot while a ZFS scrub was running in the background. But it was not related to folder2ram.

    I disabled auto scrubs.


    Does your system run on an SD card?
    Because only then will folder2ram make sense...

    No it runs off of an SSD though and I remember a few people still recommending folder2ram for SSD's because of the frequent writes the OS makes.

    Within 10 minutes of opening port 22 on my router, Fail2ban had already blocked 7 IP. Most of them coming from China. Is it possible for fail2ban to parse through the reverse IP lookup and email the ISP (provide the IP date & time) advising them that a user is using their network to hack computer. Perhaps after receiving so many email they would take some actions.

    Lol, ISP's don't give a crap, sorry to break it to you. The only action they'll likely take is to ban your IP from sending them emails to them. Best solution is what @gderf said earlier, use a completely random port on your router forwarded to port 22 on your machine. So, would look like this.


    Me personally, I use two routers for SSH. My main one is forwarded to the second one, which is running SSH on it and has a static IP address. I then use this second router to SSH into my machine, which also has fail2ban running on it, so even if the second router is somehow compromised, they'll literally only get three chances to figure out my PW before a permaban.

    So on startup, I receive the following error.

    A start job is running for folder2ram systemd service (27s / no limit).

    The 27 seconds bounces back to 30s for about 30 seconds (never counts down to 0, goes down to like 25 at lowest then goes back to 30) and then will continue to boot like normal.

    When I go to shutdown, I am met with these errors.

    Failed unmounting /var/log.
    Failed unmounting /Home. (This is my ZFS mountpoint)
    Failed unmounting /var/folder2ram/var/log.

    The system will hang there for about a minute before finally shutting down. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

    It seems that my OMV randomly starts ZFS scrubs on its own. I checked the crontab but couldn't find anything related. Is there some way to disable this? I usually do my monthly scrub the last weekend of the month manually and my server shuts down every night so these randomly initiated scrubs are a bit of a nuisance. Thanks in advance.

    First and foremost, all of my discs are fine :)

    However, I was curious as to what the procedure is to replace a faulty disc. Do I simply remove the disc, replace with a fresh one? (Assuming there is no procedure to follow before removing the defective disc) How do I go about transferring the data onto the new disc?

    Also when acquiring a new disc, do only the capacity and rpm have to match what is in the current pool? The pool is a raidz2 if that helps. Thanks! :)