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    Yeah cool thanks. It worked and i can see the Home Assistant now running in the NoVNC Window. And there is my next problem (sorry that I'm such a noob). Now i want to reach the Home Assistant UI via Browser from another PC in my local network, but i cant reach the IP adress or the ".local:8123" Adress that Home Assistant is showing me (screenshot 1). I get following errors in Chrome. I thought that i configured the Network properly. I made a "Macvtap Bridge" to my network adapter and selected that at the VM creation. What could be the problem ?

    have you tried to use the IP in stead of the .local name?

    ryecoaaron Nice job with porting all those plugins. I have been using the KVM plugin a little bit now and I have spotted a bug.

    In the "Remove optical disc" menu the dropdown is not being populated even if there is a optical disk in the xml. I am able to add a optical disc but not able to remove again.
    If I really want to remove it I have to delete it from the xml file.

    Just take your time this is not a crucial thing. :)


    virtio-win is mounted but does not find the drivers automatically.

    Which driver from the virtio.iso should you choose?

    I believe it is the folder is called iostore. Down in the bottom. You maybe have to go choose w10 folder and amd64. Something like that. I am sorry for my not so precise answer. I am answering out from my memory ☺️.

    I am looking for a step by step guide to create & manage win10 with KVMPlugin.

    KVM does not see the target drive. (same problem in cockpit)

    I do not have a step by step guide but I can tell you that you just need to mount the virt iso and get the drivers from there. On omv5 the is a button in the plugin where you can download the iso to the selected pool. Then you just have to add it to your windows VM as an optical drive. Then you can click the treiber lades button in your installation. Then browse to the optical drive and let it find the driver.

    Hi just wanted to hear if you was aware that the kernel plugin does not seem to update the grub correctly when installing proxmox kernel.

    When pressing the button it installs the kernel coretctly but it does not seem to be adding it to the grub menu. So when you make the reboot as it says you should the it does makes a normal reboot. It does not boot in to the now installed proxmox kernel.

    How do I update the grub bootloader so it sees the kernels corectly as it did in OMV5 when you installed proxmox kernel?

    Hi I updated from OMV5 to OMV6 with the omv command and it seems it work just fine. But now the tgt plugin will not create new disks.

    This apears when pressing on the browse button:

     500 - Internal Server Error
    Failed to execute XPath query '//system/fstab/mntent[uuid='79684322-3eac-11ea-a974-63a080abab18']'.

    If I manually writes a location of the new disk it just shows me this:

    I have tried clearing cache so that is not the case.

    Have not tried this on a clean install. I have tried to remove the plugin and install it again.

    The plugin does work but the creating of disks does not.

    I was using this plugin to run Windows VMs and figured out that when using the "virt viewer" the auto resizing the screen did not work. But I figured out why.

    It was because the VM was missing something called "Channel spice" it is a device in the VM. The xml code looks like this:

        <channel type='spicevmc'>
          <target type='virtio' name='com.redhat.spice.0'/>
          <address type='virtio-serial' controller='0' bus='0' port='1'/>

    Would it maybe be a thing you could add?

    I don't think that info should be posted. We really don't need people building OMV6 yet. There are still a few issues with installation that I am working with Volker on.

    That's fine. I understand. I was just wondering if I had missed some kind of release to the public. And from what I can hear then I haven't.

    By the way from what I have seen on the blogposts the new gui design look pretty nice. Keep up the good work.

    You can already compile and test 6 alpha from GitHub. However it will still take some time until it’s production ready.

    I am a little curios now. Which GitHub are we talking about? I would like to try and build it from GitHub. If we do that can we then be able to play a little bit with the new gui?

    That is why i thought swtching to IP address would fix the dns issues.

    It fixed it for me I think. I just had to set static ip on my OMV so the hosts file would be generated with the right values.

    Before when my file looked like this the docker that was created used the ip as remote host variable and that did not work for me:

    But after I setup my OMV ip to static ip and it look like this: :

    The docker that was made now did use the ip and that worked.

    Sorry my bad just figured out why mine did not have the right values.

    It was because I haven't sat any static ip on my OMV. I was running with the default DHCP ip given by the router when I installed OMV. My file now looks like this after I setup static ip:

    Am I missing something or did we change from KVM to QEMU TCG somewhere?

    When I try to use the new plugin now and create a new VM and try to install Windows 10 I see the Windows 10 logo at boot and the circle spinning and then just black screen.

    When I try the efi then I just see the TianoCore and the spinning circle and there it just keeps spinning.

    Why are we not using KVM?

    Edit: Just in case you wan't to know then my cpu is a Xeon E3-1225

    Edit2: Sorry about all the edits but I just looked at some of you code and was just wondering what you are trying to achieve with this:…/engined/rpc/

    A other info are if you are running on the Proxmox kernel it name is "Linux 5.4.103-1-pve"