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    Hi there. I would like to add that if your using cockpit to controll your vm's on omv 5 you could via a docker containing virt manager get almost the same experience as with VirtualBox. I would actually say that it is a little more advanced than VirtualBox.

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    Just to clarify my statement: "a bit better"
    I did alot of fiddling around and was able to install windows 10, but it was crappy as hell. I don't know if it maybe was the hardware that I was using that was not supported.
    I was seeing my memory peaking and the cpu was running at 100% jumping up and down.
    So my experience was really bad.

    It also took a lot of trial and error before I even could start the VM.

    OBS: you have to be sure that you storage pool is active and your network domain is active.

    To sum this up. I would rather run Openmediavault in some kind of hypervisor and then use that hypervisor to do VMs in stead of running Openmediavault on bare metal and VMs on that.

    Hi. I have also tried the Virtual Machines part of the Cockpit and it looks nice but it does not work as good as it looks.
    But are you sure you have installed the right things.

    apt install cockpit
    apt install cockpit-dashboard
    apt install cockpit-bridge
    apt install cockpit-system
    apt install cockpit-storaged
    apt install cockpit-networkmanager
    apt install cockpit-packagekit

    This is the two extras I found out that my install was missing:
    apt install libvirt-dbus
    apt install dnsmasq

    after installing those it worked a bit better. But as I said in the start of the post: Cockpit looks nice but it does not works as good as it looks. :)

    Ohh sorry my bad. I must have messed up my installation. I just tried with a new install and that does not seem to have any problems.

    I am very sorry to have taken up your time with this dumb issue i had.

    Thank you for your time.

    You are welcome to delete the comments i made here.

    So sorry again. I've should have done some more research before posting here.


    What is a bit much?

    Not sure what you mean. You can't install the pve kernel on an arm board and the testing repo in omv-extras is just a omv-extras repo. It doesn't enable the Debian testing repo.

    When I tried to install zfs it said something of having the pve kernel and then I tried to install pve kernel it failed with something about a IP or something. I looked at the source lidt and then there was the "sid" statement. I change it to buster instead and then it would let me install the pve kernel. I am running on a normal 64bit pc.

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    I maybe should make my own threat about this but I just think it is a bit much for this little thing.

    I would just mention to the OMV-Extras plugin developer the you should probably look into the source list that is being created when for example trying to install pve kernel and turning on testing in the plugin.

    Hint: "sid" ??

    Keep up the good work. :)

    Sorry did not see that. It is only available in the testing and unstable. :)

    Sorry for interupting again, but how do we get the newest version of Cockpit version 201?

    When Cockpit is installed it only installs 199.

    I tried to follow the instructions on Cockpits site but still getting the message that cockpit 199 is the latest version.

    Oh and by the way thank you for your good work and awesome support. I love using OpenMediaVault. I use every day.

    Cockpit seems like the best way to go for the docker part and maybe also if you want to make virtual machines. But I am not quite sure if this is something I should ask for here or if it is at Cockpits cummunity. Would it be possible to be able to browse for locations when defining path's to docker containers in stead of writing it manually? Just like we did with the old docker ui.
    It would make things much easier and prevent potential typos.

    And a other thing I am having problems with starting virtual machines. The network for the VM does not seem to work.

    That's maybe why. I don't think I have removed the noexec from the mount point where my config is on.
    Thank you for the info. Had not really thought about that.

    I am probably doing it wrong with the docker but I just feel like there is some weirdness going on when I am using the docker on openmediavault. I feel like when using the plugin and having Plex Media Server installed directly on the openmediavault it runs a lot smoother.

    When using the docker where should i place the transcoder folder?


    It adds the official plex repo (on amd64 and i386) and the omv-extras plex bintray repo to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/omv-extras-org.list and installs the plex signing key. I also had to keep plexmediaserver-installer in the bintray repo for armhf and arm64.
    While I am all for people working on plugins, this is one plugin I don't think needs to exist. Looking through your changes, you didn't change the code that can cause the most problems. The iframes code in the plugin is terrible as well and really shouldn't be used.

    I can see after I have worked on it some more I only have to add the Plex repository to make it work. But it could be nice to just install the plugin without doing anything extra before installing it. But thank you for the info.

    The update plugin works just fine if I just add the Plex repository via the ssh before installing the plugin. So I don't want to put any more time in to this. :)

    I probably should have made my own threat about this but I have gotten the impression that the openmediavault-plexmediaserver plugin have been abandon so I just thought why not ask here.

    I think the plugin is great and that why I have updated it on my own, but I have run into a issue now. I can only install this plugin if the omv-extras plugin is used to enable the repositories. But what does it actually do when I enables the Plex repository through the omv-extras plugin. I would love to have this plugin independent from the omv-extras so maybe doing something with a preinst script in the deb package that does the same thing that omv-extras plugin do.

    I have made a fork of the plugin here:

    Update to my post...

    It worked. :thumbsup:

    At the moment I am running Kernel: Linux 4.18.0-0.bpo.3-amd64.

    Now I have installed the "linux-headers-amd64" to see if that solves my little issue.

    Thank you for mentioning that.

    Keep up the good work. I think OMV is awesome. :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.