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    OK i have some investigations. If i delete btrfs folder (with 'subvolumes' folder inside) then docker starts easy, just without containers. After copy btrfs whole folder docker not starts.
    All other folders also copied and docker starts without problems. But not with my saved btrfs. What is wrong with that folder and how correctly move it to new folder? Is a "rsync -avr --progress" moves it wrong way?

    also, i've found a can use
    "data-root": "/srv/dev-disk-by-label-HDD/hdd_temp/docker",
    "storage-driver": "overlay2"

    in daemon.js
    Works good even without symlink. But it's too late, i'am using default damned btrfs and my saved subvolumes on it. So how to move it properly to new place?

    I don't know... still nothing helps, Docker does not start from symlinked directory..
    Editing daemon.json with a link to new directory does not help.
    Should I just to start over from clean docker and setup packages with new directory?

    May be some package blocking process? i will try to check it after deleting one-by-one.

    OK. Let's continue.
    1. service docker stop
    2. rsync -avr --progress /var/lib/docker /sharedfolders/hdd_temp/ rsync -avr --progress /var/lib/docker /srv/dev-disk-by-label-HDD/hdd_temp/
    3. /var/lib/docker renamed to /var/lib/docker.old
    4. ln -s /sharedfolders/hdd_temp/docker /var/lib ln -s /srv/dev-disk-by-label-HDD/hdd_temp/docker /var/lib

    service docker start gives error.
    what is wrong?

    If i delete /var/lib/docker symlink and return /var/lib/docker.old to /var/lib/docker then start is successful

    Mariadb and Nextcloud on OMV4 on Odroid HC2 with microsd for OS.
    Both containers setted up to hdd shared folders. When i'am starting to upload files to cloud then system being almost unresponsable and I can see that sd card have continious using.
    After uploading completed system says someting abour "chunk error 504..blah blah"

    How to understand what folders is used in this moment and how to change them to hdd?

    so much headache with that microsd as main storage for OS... many time spent for resolving problems when different plugins\software using microsd for different temp files. I'am close to "shut up and take my money" for sbc with emmc/ssd for OS.


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    I want to move from arm odroid hc2 to x86 odroid h2.
    OMV for NAS possibilities and Kodi for cinema output on TV. Is that real? Kodi docker container?
    For now I have rpi3b+ for Kodi and i think i can have 1 device for two missions.

    Flashplugin does not make all automatically.
    For example, i want NextCloud. So i have two options: 1) use microsd card and wait when it die after few weeks. 2) use hdd for mariadb, nextcloud database, etc and now my hdd never spin down.
    How to use that damned flashmemory plugin for what it was created? I want to use my hdd only for storing files. All databases must be in flashmemory. Is it real?

    One more question - is there any simple way to have browser-based midnight commander? I want to upload\download and operate folders on a OMV OS from my browser. It's not user-friendly (and family-friendly) to use ssh mc command each time when i want to do something in internal OMV folders.
    I know about Cloud Commander - it can be accesed just from any device from any place in a world. But I can not get it worked in Docker. Docker HUB have so much outdated packages for ARMv7.. Latest version from 2017 don't know about davfs2 and can not get access to it.

    How to store nextcloud and mariadb all needed files in flashmemory and not on microSD card?
    Temp files for uploads must be on a HDD. But all database, configs, website, etc must be on microSD.

    Old wd reds had a problem with very often parking. With this util you can fix that
    I got wd red 4tb made in july 2018. Parking already set to 5 minutes so problem is solved. But i changed it to 10 minutes with "idle3ctl -s148 /dev/sda --force"

    Also you can change cpu speed with this util
    Downclocked first four slow cores from 1.5ghz to 1.4ghz and four fast cores from 2.0ghz to 1.6ghz.
    In cpu stress benchmarks was 76C, now 64C. With slow speed 140mm fan it is even lower (gain 4-7C)…&t=32674&p=248910#p248910
    No speed degradation in my use case. Same 95-120MB/s via samba. Also tested with games install from hdd iside pc and from my new hc2 with wd red via 1gb Lan.
    Also be sure nothing is prevent hdd from sleeping. All additional config and cache folders (docker, qbittorrent, duplicati, etc) should be on microsd card. Its brain storm to have OS installed on a microsd card. And flashmemory plugin solve only 50% of problems.
    My next sbc for anything will be on ssd, nvme, eemc, whatever, but not microsd. I should always control that nothing is killing microsd card and same time nothing is awlays using hdd.

    Sorry for my english i hope my words is useful for you.