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    OK, so I eventually for the first command to work, but the second gives me this error:

    root@omv-server:~# mdadm --fail /dev/sdc
    mdadm: /dev/sdc does not appear to be an md device

    Yes sorry

    Im disappointed in you :P

    Unfortunately the option to unmount is greyed out. Is this Do I need to remove the shared folder first? The other partition with a share on it (my Downloads parition), has a share on it too, and I cant download that either. My backup USB HDD can be unmounted, and its doesnt have any shares.

    Ok geaves Paint has dried!

    Are we starting with option 1 first?

    Option 5:

    Having totally exhausted all means of getting this to work and you start questioning the meaning of life expel said hardware from bedroom window, it won't do the hardware any good but you might feel better :D

    An option I have considered many times for other issues. Never this one though...I have steadfastly kept faith in you!

    Before deciding on options 1-3, maybe its worth thinking about the other issue you pointed out back at the start. My OS file system
    ballooned up to 100%. I think this happened after a power cut.

    So any decision here should probably reflect that I need to fix that too.


    By backing up my data, you mean the information I have on the RAID? Yes, I'm doing that at the moment. I assume once that's backed up we have a lot more options, and we aren't afraid of losing anything.


    This is looking worse than what it was before :( it's showing sdc as faulty, but it's showing a device as removed which I'm going to assume is sdc. The output from above is that from mdadm --detail /dev/md127

    cat /proc/mdstat

    See...Im learning...I asked this time before rebooting :)

    root@omv-server:~# cat /proc/mdstat
    Personalities : [raid6] [raid5] [raid4] [linear] [multipath] [raid0] [raid1] [raid10] 
    md127 : active raid5 sdd[3] sdc[2](F) sdb[0]
          11720782848 blocks super 1.2 level 5, 512k chunk, algorithm 2 [3/2] [UU_]
          bitmap: 40/44 pages [160KB], 65536KB chunk
    unused devices: <none>

    You need to run omv-update or apt-get udate; apt-get upgrade. The update does not touch your data, so it is safe. If you're still worried about that, unplug your devices (with all the problems that arise of this).

    Thanks votdev. Im upgraded, and could apply the changes. Thanks for your support.

    geaves, when I click into my Raid, it still tells me its degraded though.

    After applying the last changes, I didnt do a restart...should I? Or do I select Recover under RAID?

    TBH I have no idea how to resolve that, so 'applying' the changes to the raid rebuild causes that error.

    ryecoaaron or votdev can you help with this please I have no idea how to proceed with the above error

    Just to reiterate, I can access the RAID and all files through my I assume the rebuild went fine. Its just getting OMV to accept the changes thats the issue.

    I'm sincerely hoping that running fsck resolves the problem, I'm assuming the free block count is in relation to the free space, I don't know.

    Well it looks like your sincere hoping worked... Looks like everything is recovered and working now!

    Thanks so much for your help. As I said previously, you're a credit to the OMV community!

    Edit, I posted too early. I can see all the information when I brows the drives to a my phones explorer, but after doing the RAID rebuild, I still need to apply those changes in OMV web interface.. Whe I try, I get this erros:

    You'll need to answer y for it proceed, this was one reason I asked if you had a backup, I was hoping that it may not need fsck but this might be the only to resolve it.

    Ill keep going in the morning, but after doing a few fixes of different nodes, I started getting an error about *Free blocks count wrong for group ...*

    Ive had my finger on Y for the last 15 minutes from group 1 up to 49378. Will finish in the morning, but this cant be good...

    I had one idea based upon this -> probably corrupted filesystem on /dev/md127 What you could try is fsck /dev/md127 that will check the file system on the raid

    Hey Geaves. I assume I press y?

    root@omv-server:~# fsck /dev/md127
    fsck from util-linux 2.33.1
    e2fsck 1.45.5 (07-Jan-2020)
    ext2fs_open2: Superblock checksum does not match superblock
    fsck.ext4: Superblock invalid, trying backup blocks...
    Superblock needs_recovery flag is clear, but journal has data.
    Recovery flag not set in backup superblock, so running journal anyway.
    Storage: recovering journal
    Pass 1: Checking inodes, blocks, and sizes
    Inode 106170680 passes checks, but checksum does not match inode.  Fix<y>? 

    Ok the raid has a file system, does it display under file systems in the GUI

    No, I get an error.