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    Thanks for the help guys.

    Now I have to make a hugely embarrassing admission... I'm actually using an RPI 3.

    I had an XU4, and bought it with the intention of using it for my NAS, but ended up using the RPI for some reason. I only remembered when I went in to check the box a few minutes ago.

    I'm an idiot ;(

    If anyone feels like helping a simpleton like me with an issue with a Pi instead of an XU4, is greatly appreciate it.


    Noob here. Have OMV running on an RPI 3, with a 10tb WD HDD attached.

    Emby is installed, and a week ago I was able to play videos without issue. I was also able to copy and paste to the external drive.

    Now, if I start to play something through Emby, it plays for a minute or two, then stops. Similarly, if i try to copy a file to/from the drive, it stops after a minute.

    Any ideas?

    Edit...I changed the words Odroid XU4 to RPI 3... because I was an idiot the first time :/