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    That makes sense. I'm going to add my docker and config files to the exclusions list.
    What's weird about these errors is, this is a backup folder, so all the files are static. How do I get SnapRAID to accept these files? I want them to be synced and scrubbed, since they are a backup.

    I'm also getting the following error messages from another SnapRAID email with the subject "Cron - SnapRAID - Scheduled diff."

    Is this related to the script running multiple times?

    There are 3 files in that dir. The contents match the 3 jobs that show up in OMV > Scheduled Jobs

    I have email notifications on and got a string of 4 emails from my OMV server telling me the :SnapRAID SYNC Job finished". The task is scheduled for 3am.

    The first email was 3:01, then 3:06, 3:10 and 3:22.

    The content of the emails was slightly different with the "Cycle count" and "not met" numbers changing.

    Email contents below.

    Any ideas?

    Hi Cubemin, thanks for the reply. Tried that but no luck.
    Reading elsewhere online it looks like I may need to stop the quota service and then try changing ownership.
    Also in another thread with a similar issue someone said the problem is that we're trying to change ownership of the root of the drive itself. Apparently you need to move down or up one level. Like change the ownership of the drive itself, or go 1 level from root into a folder and then recursively change ownership there.

    Getting the following error when trying to use Reset Permissions or when trying to modify the shared folder ACLs.

    This disk is from a previous OMV install.

    Any ideas?

    Hi Guys,
    Trying to get Plex working in Docker with hardware transcoding. Plex doesn't seem to see the capability.
    I installed the 'intel-gpu-tools' package. When I run the 'intel_gpu_top' command, I get a "Couldn't Find Intel Graphics Card"

    I also installed vainfo and libva-dev.

    Looking in /dev/dri, only "by-path card0" is shown.

    It seems like OMV didn't install any drivers.

    This is the CPU and it does support QSV.…cache-up-to-4-70-ghz.html

    Any ideas?

    some times when share the entire disk this happhens, revise and post the full path of both folder (first (origin) and second (destination)), better if post the ownner and permision ( ls -la on the correct place of both folders) to revise it

    Oh interesting.
    Here are the paths and info. All the sub dirs have the same settings. It's the destination that has the issue.

    Origin: /srv/dev-disk-by-id-ata-WDC_WD100EFAX-68LHPN0_1EJKAX4Z-part1/Media/Backups/Plex Media Server/Metadata

    Info: drwxrwsrwx 6 root users 4096 Apr 28 04:59

    Destination: /srv/dev-disk-by-id-ata-WDC_WD100EFAX-68LHPN0_JEK5R14N-part1/Config/Plex/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Metadata

    Info: drwxrwsrwx+ 6 root users 4096 Apr 28 05:03

    Update caches in Windows.

    How do I do that? Did some googling but all that came up was stuff related to windows update cache.

    I think so. I used the Reset Permissions tool in the OMV Shared Folders area to reset everything. No luck. Also I'm able to manually navigate down deep in the folder structure and view 100s of folders and files, so I do have the permissions.

    Also as a double check my sanity I ran ls -lR | wc -l in both folders at the Debian CLI and the file counts match.

    I'm in the process of moving a large number of files. In Windows 10 when viewing the files via SMB shares, the first folder shows over 100K files, and 44K folders, in then second folder just 1 file and 63 folders. When I browse deeper I can see there are definitely more than 63 folders. Both directories have the same ownership, they are the same file system ext4, and they are even the same model of HDD.

    And when I do a diff with the options -rs, it shows everything is the same.

    Any ideas?

    1. What kind of hardware do you have?
    2. Do you run Nextcloud or Plex on it?

    1. I have a Asus server grade 1U enclosure.

    2. No to Nextcloud, although I'm thinking of deploying it. Yes to Plex, but it's running in a docker container.

    This is continuing to happen about once a week, but at random. Nothing for 2 weeks, then twice within the last 16 hours.
    As with last time the last time time the final messages were 2 emails about the 'Monitoring restart' failing. But when I check the service status service nginx status it shows as up and running. Albeit as of the time of the last 'Monitoring alert -- Connection succeeded' email.