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    OK, so I tried the bionic thing, that didn't seem to make any difference (I tried VERSION: BIONIC and VERSION:bionic- I then updated the libseccomp library as-per the instructions and Plex is now running, so I think I'm fixed - just waiting for my music library to rebuild.

    Thanks for your help, much appreciated.:)


    I've been running OMV 4.1.36-1 for some time now, and have had Plex running inside a Docker (also for some time now - probably a year or so). I have the "version" variable set to "LATEST" for Plex, so when I saw that there was a new version of Plex waiting to be updated to, I did what I always do - stop the container, wait a few seconds and then restart it. I promise - that's all i did!

    That's where the carnage begins.

    So Plex didn't come back - there are a ton of errors in the log file (details below). After trying several times, including specifying a older version or two, nothing would work. So I removed the Docker container, and the Docker image, and following TechnoDadLife's video instructions (like before) reinstalled the Docker image and container. Still the same problem.

    Something has gone badly wrong - can anybody offer any help? Log file snippet below, and fuller log file attached.

    Many thanks, Paul

    (PS - I can't see a "/usr/lib/plexmediaserver/" folder via WinSCP - could it be that?)

    begin log file extract


    I've just put together a NAS based on an Odroid HC2 box and OMV, and a single spare 500Gb HDD. All seems to be working fine.

    I have a Synology DS112+ (single-disk, 2TB WD Red) which has been my NAS for many years but I fancy switching to OMV full time, using the Odroid box as the hardware. The Odroid has OMV instlled on a micro SSD drive

    My question - can I take the HDD out of the Synology and put it straight in to the Odroid and still keep all the data that is on there? I mean, physically the switch is possible, obviously, but as the Synology drive is EXT4 I'm kinda hoping that the data would remain inatct and be instantly recognisable by OMV.

    All the answers I've been able to find relate to RAID setups, which basically say you can't do this, but I'm wondering if with a single-disk solution it is possible?