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    Will LUKS need the keyfiles after unlocking?

    Scenario: I am running several HDs encrypted with LUKS. The OMV Plugin works well but any reboot results in a laborious manual unlocking exercise. So I decided to create a shell script to unlock all drives via keyfiles. Now it would be best to put the keyfiles onto a USB stick and only insert that during a reboot and remove once the server is running.

    This of course only works if LUKS/OMV don't need the keyfiles after unlocking.

    Is this so?

    thank you. Yes, for Laptop. I have a MAcbook running Linux and a Lenovo X230. Not sure if those take the intel card.

    I think the Lenovo needs an adaper to fit the card and the Macbook does not support it but I could be wrong.

    Has anyone tried it?

    I don't know that there are any. Snapraid doesn't make a difference. Auto-unlock of LUKS might help. Maybe someday I will re-write the plugin to use systemd mount files but I don't want to do that and have it not work any better. LUKS needs to go away as an OMV option (I know LUKS works well - I use it at work a lot) in favor of a filesystem that offer encryption in one layer to avoid this double layer problem.

    Doesn’t ZFS offer data at rest encryption now?

    Sorry guys I have a silly question : this card has 2 internal SATA connectors. Is it still possible with the right cables to connect SAS drives internally with their full performance or does the controller only like SATA internally?

    Hello- I have a mount problem.

    One of my HDs disconnected temporarily. I fixed the cable and did an BTRFS check. The filesystem is OK (no errors) but OMV wont mount it.

    OMV can see the disk and I see the entry under "OMV-filesystems" but the mount command just times out. Also from CLI the mount just hangs.

    Can anyone help?

    This is my FSTAB entry. The disk is LUKS encrypted and the unlock worked fine/

    /dev/disk/by-label/EncExt3600GB /srv/dev-disk-by-label-EncExt3600GB btrfs defaults,nofail 0 2

    Yes, I am using a docker container for NC, mainly for document sharing and the chat app "talk. All of that is extremely slow.

    Also maybe you could see the error/access/php/ logs and see if there's mention to where/what might be the bottleneck.

    What comes to mind immediately is "server reached pm.max_children"

    And have you tried to see the output of this:

    The scan output shows A+, so no issues.

    I cannot find error/access/logs . Do you know where this is located?

    I am looking to host a super simple 3 page basic text only info website on my OMV box. Eventually there could be a blog function added later.

    I know it’s not the purpose of a NAS but the task is so small, I bet many people have found good solutions. Any tips? Any Dockers?

    Saw that but it wasn’t LV. In my case the problem were USB ports. I disconnected external USB devices and OMV or Debian wasn’t happy about it. Kept logging every 5 secs until I hard rebooted the server. Something is strange I guess. USB devices are designed to be hot unplugged so Debian or OMV should recognise this and not put the Kernel into such a logging frenzy.

    I use the Linuxserver image... and honestly after about that first hour... it runs perfectly fine, even on my 8yr old server.

    Mine is still slow after many days . Have you tried one of the NC apps? For android e.g. they run especially slow. Need 20secs to connect to NC server.

    yes, ipmi etc is too sophisticated. I have 2 servers that get stuck sometimes but rarely. And for that I would like to plug in the Ipad if possible:

    1) Proliant Microserver: When I reboot the boot order defaults to HD or NIC while my OMV is on a USB stick. I have to manually change the Bios to USB in order to boot. Might be a Bios error but it never stays on USB Boot.

    2) Rpi4 server: overclocking sometimes stops the boot, so I need to intercept manually and reboot.

    I need a local, physical connection to see the boot process live as it gets stuck sometimes. Currently I have to carry around a 20'' monitor and connect everything for a 10min CLI job. So I was thinking instead I could plug in an Ipad via VGA if that works.

    Any experience?