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    I keep getting this anacron error every day. Can anyone hell fix this? I am running OMV5 on a Pi booted from SSD. Could there be an issue with the ssd?


    cat: write error: No space left on device

    cat: write error: No space left on device

    cat: write error: No space left on device

    I gave up and swapped the sata controllers to non JMicron. Cost me gbp10. Works perfectly since then. I’d say Just try to avoid JMicron. It’s not compatible and the time is not worth it.

    I have the same issue with JMicron controllers. Tried all of the above with only partial success. One of 2 HDs is recognised as a disk but not in Smart and not in Encryption plug in. The second disk is not visible anywhere.

    Are there any more fixes for JMicorn?

    I have the same problem with 2 HDs on JMicron controllers which cannot be seen in OMV. I tried the fixes in the rules-files as mentioned above but still no luck.

    Any ideas?

    Hello All,

    I had configured 6 LUKS encrypted HDs and they had been working perfectly fine for months. Today, since the last general update on OMV/Debian, two of the HDs are not listed as encrypted devices in the OMV Plugin. So I cannot decrypt them and mount them.

    The HDs are visible in OMV under Disks and under SMART but not under the encrypted Plugin.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Does anyone have the same problems with SAMBA/CIFS.

    I cannot mount a share in Windows or Linux unless I add the following parameter into the OMV Samba configuration via GUI

    ntlm auth = yes

    Unless I ad this, any connection reports an error that the user/pwd is wrong.

    I never had to do that in the past.

    Does anyone know why this is now in version 5?

    you are exactly right. Thats why I do not want to install Letsencrypt docker. I have created a Letsencrypt certificate using the Plugin and I want to import this certificate into the Docker container that runs Nextcloud. This Nextcloud container is already up and running. Any Idea how to import this and utilise it inside?

    I have managed to create the certificate in OMV via the plugin. It all hinges on providing the right webroot directory (which is nowhere explained). Letsencrypt will not work if that directory points to the incorrect folder. So I have the certificate working in OMV (but Apple devices still dont like the certificate).

    Anyway, now I will try to get the docker container to work with the certificate. The comtainer runs Nextcloud and my port redirection to 444 is necessary to be able to access OMV (via 443) and Docker-Nextcloud (via 444) since they both sit on the same server.

    Forwarded from WAN to LAN (OMV server): yes

    i am generating certificate with letsencrypt for OMV server first (not even considering Docker for now).

    This throws the error message.

    thanks. I will try this.

    I also have trouble generating my letsencrypt certificate. I always get error message:

    waiting for verification...

    Challenge failed for domain

    Cleaning up challenges

    Challenges failed for all domains

    Have you seen this? Any ideas ?