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    ok -thanks.

    So do you think the archive is ok and nothing is corrupted? Its just the Plugin?

    When I run a "Check Repos" and "Check Archives", both return "No problems found"

    Yes I read the guide - thanks. My Borg backup is very straight forward.

    1 Repo called "rpi42-Borg-Archive" located on Shared Folder "DockerBackupT17", positioned at the following location


    This is the direct path to a SSD.

    There is 1 Archive, setup as follows:

    The name is DockerBorg and it is supposed to backup 2 folders: Docker and Dockerapps. The path to those folders is setup as below.

    Yes, the back has been running for several days (scheduled as 1x per day).

    I setup Borg with 1 Repo and 1 Archive.

    Borg Backup gives an error message when clicking on Archive-Info:

    command: export PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin; export LANG=C.UTF-8; export LANGUAGE=; export BORG_PASSPHRASE=''; /usr/bin/borg info "/srv/196ac54e-b420-4c53-a4e4-1bebca5e77ce/DockerBackupT17/::DockerBorg" 2>&1
    Archive DockerBorg does not exist

    When I am testing the Repo and the Archives via the Borg Plugin "Check" command, there are no problems found .

    What is causing the above error?

    I have installed Photoprism Plugin on OMV6 but the UI cannot connect.

    Error message on my browser:

    his site can’t be reached [server IP] refused to connect.
    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall

    By the way - in some instances, a Wireguard connection attempt kills an existing Teamviewer session, if the WG-server is on the same network as one of the Teamviewer partners. Afterwards re-connecting of Teamviewer is not possible. I am not sure why.

    Found a much better solution.

    On the Plugin top bar there is a button with 3 lines. Click on it and the config file for windows client will be generated.

    On Windows client click "Add Empty Tunnel" and drop this text into the text box.

    Save and Activate the newly created Tunnel.

    Important: Windows needs a DNS defined in the Wireguard Server Plugin (Mobile phone works with DNS disabled setting)

    Hello All,

    thanks for putting together the Wireguard plugin. This is very easy to setup via QR-code and works out of the box with a Android and Applie IOS client. So thats impressive!!

    Windows client howerver requires a file to upload. Is there a way in the OMV Plugin to download that file or is it stored anywhere on the OMV server?


    Ok, getting closer: there seems to be a specific problem with Portainer 2.16.2 (the latest version).

    Up until container 2.16.1. the installation works fine, of course OMV GUI always generates a 'latest' command, which throws the erorr.

    Unfortunately the stacks of my existing containers are not visible. Do you know how to import them into Portainer?

    OK - it becomes strange. I stopped all containers and installed docker manually.

    1) Pull Command with portainer-ce:latest -> error

    root@rpi42:~# docker run -d -p 8000:8000 -p 9443:9443 --name portainer --restart=unless-stopped -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run docker.sock -v portainer_data:/data portainer/portainer-ce:latest
    Unable to find image 'docker.sock:latest' locally
    docker: Error response from daemon: pull access denied for docker.sock, repository does not exist or may require 'docker login': denied: requested access to the resource is denied.
    See 'docker run --help'.

    2) Pull Command with /portainer-ce:2.9.3 -> works

    Unable to find image 'portainer/portainer-ce:2.9.3' locally
    2.9.3: Pulling from portainer/portainer-ce
    0ea73420e2bb: Pull complete
    c367f59be2e1: Pull complete
    9b835f06444c: Pull complete
    Digest: sha256:84676dfce8ab328e51990797cceff5131c1ff63c3a73f5ebf1397cad9aa42e3c
    Status: Downloaded newer image for portainer/portainer-ce:2.9.3

    Now docker shows as runnning (also under OMV GUI) but I cannot access the portainer front end via my browser.

    Ah: I changed the port and now I can access Portainer.

    So the issue is the Portainer pull command

    portainer-ce:latest does NOT pull vs "...portainer-ce:2.9.3" does pull

    Any ideas why?

    I am thinking to de-install and re-install Docker.

    But I want to preserve my running containers exactly as they are.

    Do you know what the best way for a backup would be? BTRFS Snapshot maybe?