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    Same here. OMV5 and Union Plugin, no RAID.

    I use Snapraid on top but that works on file level and is only active once per day so does not interfere.

    I am booting from USB stick / SSD card. The disks are exclusive for omv data.

    Once omv has booted, I unlock the disks and they are automatically mounted and available.

    Hi - I have exactly the same problem on a rpi4. The link above is now closed and no real solution was found.

    I do have performance issues especially with my Nextcloud container.

    Have you seen any new developments that would resolve the issue?

    Has anyone here installed Docker on an BTRFS filesystem?

    I have massive issues with syslog filling up when Docker containers are running.

    I have used ZFS RAIDZ1 (=RAID5) for 2 years. Works really well, has a OMV plugin and is reliable.

    I added an SDD for Logging and Caching which added to performance.

    I dont feel any significant performance drop from ext4 and the benefits are plenty as you will know.

    You could also look at BTRFS which has a RAID option. I am running BTRFS on another server but without RAID.

    And for mainly static files such as Photos, Music etc I'd really encourage to check out Snapraid.

    It is not a true Raid solution but it provides the same or better protection than RAID and has many advantages.

    Snapraid also has an OMV Plugin which works well.

    thanks. That's an interesting article which explains the differences in reporting free space under "normal tools" and BTRFS.

    According to the article, normal tools show too much free space and BTRFS is actually pretending to be full.

    This however is not my issue. My "normal tools" show a lot of usage (35GB for 1 folder) and so does BTRFS albeit not on a folder level.

    This does not however explain why my folder dockerfiles uses up 35GB although I have only 3 docker containers running.

    I think there must be a Docker related issue.

    Any ideas about how docker manages space?

    Yes - this seems reasonable. Why is there such a difference to above numbers?

    Data, single: total=1.24TiB, used=1.24TiB
    System, DUP: total=8.00MiB, used=160.00KiB
    Metadata, DUP: total=6.00GiB, used=4.48GiB
    GlobalReserve, single: total=512.00MiB, used=0.00B

    A few but in total they only show around 3.2GB.

    linuxserver/letsencrypt latest 3ee875e23162 5 weeks ago 289MB
    nextcloud latest 861df8c9bb04 6 weeks ago 807MB
    jc21/nginx-proxy-manager latest 3ab120ef3a1d 8 weeks ago 788MB
    yobasystems/alpine-mariadb latest f58dcbeeb473 3 months ago 217MB
    portainer/portainer-ce latest a0a227bf03dd 4 months ago 196MB
    linuxserver/mariadb latest a86ca1773ee5 7 months ago 350MB
    linuxserver/nextcloud latest 96e693898132 7 months ago 364MB
    jc21/mariadb-aria 10.4 174fbfd81bac 8 months ago 216MB

    Hello all, has anyone turned a Dell Precision T55xx, 56xx or 58xxx Workstation

    into an OMV server?

    I am in particular interested in SATA controller performance (non-RAID) and if people have swapped the inbuilt Sata controllers for any recommended 3rd party controller.

    Also, the max disks anyone might have managed to cram into the casings of those machines.

    Many thanks

    P.S. I hope this is not too off-topic for this forum

    A reboot fixed the above issues. I believe there may have been some incorrect OMV references somewhere.

    However, now I am getting new issues on both drives mentioned above in the Syslog. Maybe anyone has seen this before:

    "Dependency failed for filesystem check on /dev/disk-by-label/XXXXXXX"

    They are both BTRFS disks.

    Any ideas?

    I have Docker installed on a BTFRS filesystem and found massive amount of data in "dockerfiles/btfrs/subvolumes". In total there are 36GB used by Docker in this one sub-folder.

    I only run Nextcloud and Nginx on Docker and Nextcloud has zero data stored inside.

    This seems odd. Have I missed anyting?

    Does anyone have experience with Docker on BTFRS?

    Many thanks

    I have another OMV server (4.1.36-1) which also developed HD issues. Do you think they are related?

    OMV writes this message into my syslog every 30 seconds:

    Jan 11 12:42:58 OMV monit[2764]: 'mountpoint_srv_dev-disk-by-label-EncExt3600GB' status failed (1) -- /srv/dev-disk-by-label-EncExt3600GB is not a mountpoint

    Jan 11 12:42:58 OMV monit[2764]: 'mountpoint_Pool1_LiveZ_OldEmailsZ' status failed (1) -- /Pool1/LiveZ/OldEmailsZ is not a mountpoint

    no - i cant.

    It wont even let me go onto SMART. The OMV window pops up with the mentioned error message.

    Device....not found.

    I know that OMV always had issues with detecting HD controllers correctly and everyone had to manually fix some stuff. I assumed this had been fixed by now.

    Maybe anyone has recently had similar problems and found a solution.