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    Other approach:

    If you have installed OMV successfully on the old desktop PC you might be able to move the installation to the other devices. Just grab the OS drive and plug it in. You should do this before you have done any configuration within OMV.
    If that is working you can setup the network connection.

    OK, its me again!

    This ended up working after I managed to sort out the No root file system issue (post above). I sorted this issue by restarting the system completely when trying new disks. It seems that pressing Esc rescanning for disks doesn't work. I found this out by installing on another machine, as you suggested (above).

    So, I installed OMV4 on the Proliant using the same disk that just worked on the other machine. So now I have a clean install on the ProLiant, installed using the ProLiant - hope this makes sense!

    Now, I am getting this error when I try to boot into OMV:

    error: attempt to read or write outside of disk hd0

    Entering rescue mode...

    grub rescue>

    Which is what I was getting months ago.

    Pic attached of the ProLiant BIOS options if that helps?

    OK, back on the ProLiant now.

    OMV 5 hangs on setting up IPV6 but OMV 4 goes along very nicely now with no networking problems like I had before (see earlier post). The problem that I'm having now is that I am getting the following error when it comes to partitioning the disk:

    This happens with a 128GB SSD in an enclosure and about 8 USB sticks that i have tried. I did try formatting them as ext3 or 4 in g-parted but that doesn't change anything, so it must be something else.

    Any help will be much appreciated as always!



    Great - worked a charm.

    Really pleased with this, I have put lots of time and effort into setting up my two OMV installs. Originally, I had a QNAP NAS, very good and served me well but eventually died on me and I nearly lost about 20 years worth of photos, videos, files...

    Managed to salvage everything important and now have it all stored on one OMV, r-syncing to another so that I will always have two copies of everything. Also, I have Plex set up and running nicely.

    So, the only worries were either of the OMV system disks failing and now that's covered too, thanks to you and your very patient approach.

    Thank you for teaching me all this!


    P.S. Here is the next one!

    Much appreciated. On to the next OMV install now and the IP address is not listed in the router, so I cannot find the MAC address to assign the static lease. Is there a way to find this through the web GUI or ssh?

    I read that ifconfig -a would do it but I'm getting this: -bash: ifconfig: command not found



    Ah, thank you - the linuxsurvival one looks really useful, I look forward to playing with that! Great to get the heads up on Clonezilla, too as I was wondering just how I would restore the system disk from a backup, so i will read that later.

    The fence posts took ages, home just after 2200, so I will first create my directories on the right disk and delete the ones I made on the system disk.

    Thank you again, macom!


    OK, how do I change drives on the CL or using MC sio that I can create the 'backups' directory on the data drive, this might help you below:

    root@openmediavault:~# blkid -c /dev/null
    /dev/sda1: UUID="663df730-97f4-478a-bfed-991cd4fedc37" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="eed7b833-01"
    /dev/sda5: UUID="1ba2f99b-37d8-4085-8d93-9b55bff81c86" TYPE="swap" PARTUUID="eed7b833-05"
    /dev/sdb1: LABEL="storage01" UUID="878565e5-d5d3-4652-9295-86e9aa9863dc" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="73093281-ec80-4ec0-aa70-54854c334d2c"

    I need to create the directory in /srv on the /dev/sdb1: LABEL="storage01" device.



    EDIT #2: OK, it looks like I have created the bakup directory on the system disk, rather than the data one! Hang on and let me fix this - its getting there!!

    EDIT #1: Oh hang on - should the backups folder be in /srv or /dev-disk-by-label-storage01?

    OK, so I get this in a terminal:

    root@openmediavault:~# cd /srv
    root@openmediavault:/srv# ls
    backups dev-disk-by-label-storage01 ftp tftp

    ... and this in mc:

    So, it looks like its there...

    Yes, that's what I did and that has fixed things for me.

    Now up to step 13 but I do not see the backups directory, just my shared folders. I will exit Clonezilla and ssh into OMV to see where I have created the directory.

    OK, thanks for bearing with me, its probably a bit painful for you!

    Yes, you were exactly right regarding the IP address, I assumed it would keep the static one that OMV uses but, of course, Clonezilla is not to know, I guess. So, I have done the static lease thing at the router and now I get this goodness:

    Well, its all goodness apart from the error that I am getting. I will go and have a read up on this to try to learn to fix it.

    Thanks again,


    OK, me again.

    I have fiddled with the BIOS so that the machine reboots.

    I have also now got the machine next to my Windows computer in the garage, on a KVM switch, so that I can nose at whats happening on the OMV machine. On the web interface, I asked OMV to reboot once to Clonezilla. Looking at OMV using the KVM, that has happened and it shows two options In one of those very basic GUIs:

    Start_Clonezilla Start Clonezilla

    Enter_shell Enter command line prompt

    The web interface is now also unavailable (makes sense)

    So, we are now here in the guide:

    I am using command prompt on Windows (not Putty), and this is what I get:

    C:\Users\nickd>ssh user@
    ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out

    When I get back on my Mac, I will post the terminal output from there as I think it's slightly different.

    Edit: OK, Terminal on the Mac says this:

    Mac-Pro:~ nick$ ssh user@
    ssh: connect to host port 22: Operation timed out

    Sorry, it was saying something else last night that suggested the user had not been created.



    OK, but when I reboot, it doesn't actually reboot. It just says "The system is rebooting..." with the green progress line. If I refresh the page, it times out. In the end I pull the plug and then turn it all back on again, it boots into OMV. I guess this is a seperate issue, a problem with reboot and nothing to do with Clonezilla.

    What would this be do you reckon, BIOS setting or something?



    OK, many thanks, macom.

    I cd'd to srv and then used midnight commader to make the new directory there 'backups'

    I have already installed Clonezilla so I went ahead and hit the 'Reboot to Clonezilla Once' button, but it just gives this message:

    "Configuring grub to boot once from Clonezilla iso... 4"

    Any ideas why this might be?



    OK, back here again and I think I will try the CloneZilla option. I am reading this guide, I suppose this is still current? I'm not great at understanding the CL, so I am a bit stuck at the first bit: here's why:

    root@omv:~# cd /media
    root@omv:/media# ls

    OK, so this I can do, I ssh into omv, navigate to the media directory and list the files with ls. I get this:

    cdrom cdrom0

    Now, it looks as if, in the guide, the idea is to create the new backup directory in 89cc2475-6cea-480c-a1bf-7739ce10e83e, but I don't know what/where that is, and don't get anything similar from the ls command. Can anyone help here?