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    I found a simple way to backup: i'm trying the plugin usbbackup in the omv repo. Plugged in my new USB3.0 Disk formatted in NTFS without the need to mount or set anything it; only set source and destination. I hope he'll do the job.

    The "rsync" method you mentioned seems really good, but i'd like to have a second internal drive to use with.

    Now i have two disks, one for docker and some media i don't really care to keep forever. (But it's always a good thing to backupAnd one DATA disk with all my Life... ) It's a 2TB drive and i'd like to backup on a external USB drive i just bought.

    I'll have a look at borgbackup, thanks

    p.s. nice build, i love the node 304, i have my main pc built on it!

    Hi, it was referenced in shared folders, resetperms plugin and it hosted the home directory.

    Once removed all i was able to unmount the "ghost" disk. Installed docker on another disk et voilà. Up and running again.

    Now i feel the need to learn how to backup my disk(s) easily.

    There is a plugin for backup on a usb disk if i recall correctly?

    Thanks, i swapped sata and power cable with no luck; i placed the disk on a sata usb box and it is definitively dead... It makes strange noises and gives all kinds of errors.

    Now the problem is OMV continue to see it mounted and i don't know how to remove it: maybe is "referenced" somewhere.
    I tried to comment the entry in fstab but it doesn't works.

    Hi all, i think on my HDD's suddenly death yesterday...

    I was playing messing around some containers: mainly qbittorrent, transmission and gluetun; starting/stopping services, trying to figure out why i have a very low seed speed. (Later i found the culprit: nordvpn doesn't allows port forwarding so.... but this is another story) So i was changing ports for testing, while at a certain point it was no longer possible to deploy a container... it Says the ports are already in use, even if all other services are stopped..

    I did the only thing an "experienced windows user" could have done: i restarted the machine.

    Et voilà: the disk with docker installed is no longer shared, nor mounted and under disks it have a nice RED light.

    (I have 3 HDD, 2 for DATA's and this one for temporary torrent download/seed and for configuration files)

    Is this a sudden death?

    Can i made a "harddisk-ectomy" and install docker/portainer on one of the other disks without having to reinstall OMV from zero?

    Hany help appreciated...


    Hi, in my first day of vacation i was able to sit at my desk for work on my installation.
    First i discovered why it was impossible for me run a OMV VM on my notebook, it hangs completely: bridged network over wifi not compatible with my hardware.. so i "learned" i need to port forwarding a NAT network. On this VM i figured how to route the traffic of various containers in other containers (i hope you can understand my "engrish"): for start it's qbittorrent running through "gluetun".

    I'm happy like a little baby playing with a new toy.

    The next thing would be "syncthing". Then i'll want to explore the potentiality and flexibility of OMV + Docker.

    Could you suggest some "interesting" containers? Soimething about streaming music/movies, or something you consider a "must-have".

    T H A N K S for all

    One small step after another:

    - I created an img of my usb drive with DD, so i would be able to restore it flashing with etcher.

    - I figured why i couldn't setup a OMV VM on my notebook (the host hangs at first network load), so now i think i could build a mobile VM giving me more flexibility

    At least i'm happy because i'm learning a lot of things thanks of you guys who have a lot of patience to teach us n00bs

    I'm a little dejected. I tried to follow the instruction as shown in this video, and i succesfully configured and started gluetun with nordvpn.

    At the moment to "say" qbittorrent to pass trough the gluetun container i deleted the ports as per instruction and i clicked "deploy container".

    Now the cataclysm happened... It stuck a deployment in progress. I tried another route.. i stopped both the container and tried to configure a second time, but i only received errors since omv hangs...

    Rebooted the vm and logged into portainer showed me lots of errors "can't fin endpoints" et similia..

    Looking at the dashboard i saw i have 85 "images" that i cannot delete because are "referenced" in some ways....

    It seemed an easy procedure.. but it destroyed my omv installation.

    Now i need to start from beginning and i'm afraid this could happen also in my real server..

    Do you know what may have happened?

    Hi, sorry guys but build/study this new nas is hard to conciliate with life family and works, so it's probably taking longer than necessary, but yesterday i finally dismissed the old server and decided to turn on the new build.

    I have three disks,

    - (300GB) mainly for storing temporary torrent and docker containers

    - (2TB) my previous disk

    - (500GB) for storing movies/series and GF's stuff

    To start i decided to create only public shares, and in Android i can access all my data without any password (i use "solid explorer). Windows (i plan to get rid of it "soon"), however, asks for username/password when i click on the name of my nas. I haven't tried in linux at the moment.

    I used the plugin "reset perms" on all the shared folders, and i confirm i don't need the old name/password to access the "old disk".

    (everyone: read/write; guests allowed)

    Maybe the culprit is something related to the "user" i created? (groups are "sudo"; "ssh"; "sambashare").

    I plan to secure the 2TB share with a password, but for now i tried "unprotected". Can someone explain me the right steps to follow?

    Another question: regarding VPN.

    After a little search i think i'll opt for Nordvpn because i think it offer good ratio "price/quality",

    do you think is "doable" for me to use this container with qbittorrent?

    You need to create those directories yourself and create the bind mounts for them in the docker setup.

    The documentation for the image you are using is all you really need.

    Thanks for the answer.

    I read the documentation but i didn't find anything.

    After a little rest (and a big dinner), my brain started to work again. And i remembered i created a sharedfolders called "appdata" (via OMV GUI) and manually a folder for the downloads in the disk i wanted (in windows file manager). Then i wrote the right path in portainer and now it seems to works!

    In the "next episode" i'll need to swap my data disk from my old server".

    I just need to recreate the mount points?

    Hi, today i started to work, play with the "real" hardware. I tried a couple of HDD i have laying around to test noise and i started to configure a shared folder and installed docker on the hard disk.

    One thing i can't recall is how to set up docker; i try to explain: i wanted to install the qbittorrent/server but i don't remember how to setup the "config" and the "download" folder....
    I need to create them before attempting to configure the server or these folders where created by docker itself?

    it passed a lot of time and i don't remember which guides/tutorials i followed

    Many thanks, i think the plugin works without any issue, (unluckyli is only a VM, so i need to repeat all the steps to make it working on the real hardware).

    You can check the qbittorrent log file and see what's going on.


    In case you are new to torrenting in general and don't already know this, your public IP address will be visible to anyone in the swarms you join.

    Yeah.... i know..
    I'm trying to evaluate a good VPN, and how to setup in OMV if it's possible. Do you use any?

    Hi, you have a very nice installation of OMV!

    I hope i'll manage to setup "an half" of the plugins you installed :)

    Hi,i think i reached a first goal: i create a user, a public share (i guess), installed docker/portainer on a data disk.
    installed qbittorrent in docker and managed to download a manjaro iso.

    There's a log or something else i could provide you to check if i did a "proper" installation/setup?

    Technically, yes it is a waste of space.. but the reality is, if you're using the OS as designed, then nothing is on the OS drive, except the OS. If the installer puts an 8gig swap on your flash drive, that is going to leave approx. 15gigs for your OS root partition. I'd challenge anyone with a properly configured system, to show they've filled a 15gig OS partition.

    As for your vbox issue and the bridged connection.... Under bridged connection there should be a drop down box, depending on your machine, you may have multiple devices there... have you tried another device?

    Ok, so deleting the swap partition is "optional", but i would like to have the "cleanest" system possible, so i think i'll definitely wipe that space out.

    Now i'm trying to figure how to create a "space for docker". As i said, my main intent is to create a disk with the download folder for torrents and the configuration file for docker/portainer (and a unprotected folder to give access to my girlfriend to backup her files/documents). Nothing else.

    I'll made some "experiments" trying to find a good not-too-bad solution to have a clean base to start with.

    -Create a share with subfolders, then install docker in one of these subfolder i guess.

    Looks good (although honestly with 32gigs, you probably won't need to remove the swap, unless you have a ginormous amount of ram in that machine).

    Not sure what your problem was with OMV and Vbox on a Linux host... I test OMV a ton in Vbox.

    Since you install flash memory plugin, in the settings it said to comment swap partition in /etc/fstab. At this point it's only a waste of space to left it there unused (correct me if i'm wrong). I have 8gb of ram

    The culprit of the proble with the Vm i think is to search into the "connection" area: i'm able to install OMV if i left it untouched: "NAT connection". But then i cannot obtain an IP, so i need to swithc to "bridged connection" and it hangs at the first attempt to reach the web: e.g. when downloading updates. The same happens if i switch to bridged mode during installation: after choose the atp server, it hangs...

    So i'm "stuck" with my windows desktop as host (connected via ethernet cable).

    I always have little time to spend for this hobby.. and now i don't have the "freedom" to use my notebook.... but i don't give up.

    At the end i'll like to write a step-to-step guide to "properly" set up OMV5 with all of your advice, i think it will be useful for all the newbies like me.