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    Wieviel RAM sieht OMV bei den 8GByte-Systemen?

    Bei 32bit, hat jeder Prozess hat max ~ 3,6 GB RAM verfuegbar. OMV besteht aus sehr vielen einzelnen Prozessen

    Deshalb ist mMn, ist die Antwort nicht wirklich relevant, denn es gibt "den einzelnen OMV Prozess", der durch 32-bit eingeschraenkt wuerde, nicht!

    As I understand it, in the current setup a i3-4330 is used.

    Looking at…l-Core-i3-4330/2293vs2876

    For single core performance the difference is at max a 16% gain versus about at least twice the cost (more likely 4x higher).

    Most applications can only use a single core (didn't check handbrake yet)

    That's the reason why I asked 'CPU usage over a longer time' as performance gains bigger that 30-50% get usually noticed by users.

    Assuming currently CPU is only used on average for 10% of a day, 16% gain will be hardly noticed.

    As most SBCs miss a real-time clock (RTC) configuring a working power mgmt schedule is not possible out-of-box.

    To fix that I've bought a WittyPi 3 HAT

    and configured a shutdown at 00:15

    From the wittypi log it seems the Pi is shutdown but then immediately restarted.

    Server is not accessible after this restart :(

    [2021-02-19 00:15:00] Shutting down system as scheduled
    [2021-02-19 00:15:00] Halting all processes and then shutdown Raspberry Pi...
    [2021-02-19 00:15:36] Witty Pi daemon (v3.13) is started.
    [2021-02-19 00:15:37] Running on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1
    [2021-02-19 00:15:37] Wiring Pi version: 2.52

    --------------- 2021-02-18 14:18:06 ---------------

    File "schedule.wpi" not found, skip running schedule script.


    --------------- 2021-02-19 09:38:10 ---------------

    File "schedule.wpi" not found, skip running schedule script.


    Have applied the raspi-config as described in section "Witty Pi 3 does not boot?

    Some customers meet the situation that Witty Pi 3 only boot Raspberry Pi for a few seconds, and
    then shutdown Raspberry Pi or cut the power directly."

    Will keep this thread updated.

    I don't know how complicated USB thethering is with Debian. AFAIK it is possible.

    However: Why don't you get yourself a cheap wifi stick for the server and use the phone as wifi access point

    @AnirbanG007 you didn't reveal what hardware you use for OMV.

    Assuming its a RPi4, wifi is already build-in, hence easy to test.

    For instructions on "howto setup USB thethering with Debian" I'd search the internet.

    its a matter of trying it out and learning from errors.

    After looking at the raspberrypi-sys-mods package code, I decided to truncate the file instead of removing it. This will add the empty file but that is what it takes to prevent the repo from being added. No need to chattr -i this file or apt-mark hold the package (which would prevent ever getting more updates of that package).

    Could this be the reason for VScode "remote development" install script to fail?…-with-visual-studio-code/ was published yesterday.

    Some time ago I had a beta version up and running but the stable version fails to install

    error log: