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    The interval is in seconds. Since there's 3600 seconds in an hour, so in the above example watchtower will run every 6hrs, downloading new images and purging old ones. Just keep in mind if the container restarts for any reason, the interval restarts.

    My watchtower log from the last few days. You can see when it checks for new images at the said interval, if it downloads a new image, it deletes the old one at that time.


    Thank you, im assuming i just delete my current Watchtower and run this through Stacks?


    I cant remember if i have asked this question or not, by the looks of it i haven't

    So i am using Watchtower to update my portainer images, is there a way to set it up so that once a month it clears out the old images?


    I have strange one, iv'e been trying to delete the below but it just doesnt happen. Iv'e managed to delete the VHD. It doesnt matter i choose "Delete" or "Delete + Stroage". Any ideas on what i can do?

    So yeah, i made a rookie mistake and didnt check before i saved. Is there away to adjust the size of a volume, need to change from 20GB to 200GB and hoping i dont have to rebuild the whole thing again.

    An just incase someone else has this problem "Critical: libusb_init failed" is to do with USB devices, if you dont have a USB device connected to you Plex Media Server then you dont need to work about this, if you do have a USB device connected to your Plex Media Server then there is probably a problem with the USB device.

    There's no need to delete it, in fact I hate people deleting threads and think it's assinine to do such a thing. I wish users deleting their threads was disabled. I have pretty strong feelings on this.

    Think about... Let's say you had a problem and found the solution it via a search of your own. Think about what would have happened if that person had done something as assinine as deleted their thread because they got their answer, while not accepting the fact others may run across a similar problem and because he did something like delete his thread... they won't find the answer.

    It's just a dick move to delete threads and remove them from the search feature, because you found your answer. That may be a bit harsh, but that's how I feel on it, and it is a major pet peeve of mine w/ some users on this forum.

    Yeah i feel the same, i just didn't know if keeping my post up would be agaisnt some rule or not, also for some reason you first post came up in bright red on my phone so i thought you were annoyed or something.


    Whilst updating my OMV server i found on plex log this

    Starting Plex Media Server.
    Critical: libusb_init failed,

    Everything seems to be ok, Watching movies in and out side of my house, any one know what this problem is and how i can fix it?


    Just out of curiosity I have a home network and am currently using the built in firewall on my router.

    Is there a docker Firewall I could use instead, I know I'm going to need to put In another ethernet card but I'm not having much luck in finding a docker firewall that will protect my home network.

    does it depend on mobo if it is showing virt on/off or is problem on CPU? i have G3420 intel on H81M-P33 MoBo... thanks...

    From my understanding as long as Virtulization is activated in the BIOS of the mobo then it should work, but i could be wrong. I would check any manuals you can find for your mobo online.

    As for me as i am running a Dell Optiplex 970 my virtulizaton was already on so when i installed the KVM plugin everything worked.

    Have you tried installing cockpit and then setting up a VM in there?

    it should be called virtio-win.iso.

    Are you using a bridge adapter at the OMV level?

    So adding .iso and then adding it under optical worked, the mouse pointer works properly and i have internet on it now, thank you.

    Do you think i should edit the Noob guide i made and add this on there?

    When will your latest build be on the the test repo (5.0.11)?