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    Dumb question but is there a such thing as a steam Docker? Looked only but everything I find says says they are no longer supported.

    I want to be able to play my games via steam link, but have no idea where to start. =O

    Also probably worth a note is if the new theme doesn't work straight away try clearing cache on your browser then load the OMV webpage........think i did and undid the step on post 10, 3 times before i realized clearing the cache might help.

    :/ **Insert facepalm here**


    So i want to install pfsense but i'm in 2 minds about doing it, please see below and let me know what you think.

    Option 1 - Install in KVM addon for OMV

    I have dell OptiPlex 790 as my main OMV server which has 2 cores i could spare and up to 4GB of RAM i could spare for PFSense. I also have 2 x 1GB NICs which i can use as a in/out.

    • Pro's would be all in one location.
    • Con is if the Machine dies or for whatever reason OMV goes down i lose networking through out my property.

    Option 2 - Install on Dell Latitude 1525 Laptop

    I have a spare Dell Latitude 1525 laying around (paid far to much for it) any it has a dual core 1.6GHz CPU and 2GB RAM, if i buy a USB 3 Express card along with 2 x 1GB RJ45 to USB3 connectors as in/out ports.

    • Pro - If main server goes down at least i should still have internet
    • Con - Power drain in the property would be higher and also i'm sure its not a good idea to leave a laptop running 24/7

    What do you think?

    If you unmount the drive, you can do it from CLI using parted.

    BTW I never had issues with gparted, but it is advised to have a backup (as always).

    I'm not very good with CLI, safest option for me would be using Ubuntu Laptop with gparted installed and use the GUI

    Thank you Soma & macom , so i need to do the following

    1. Disconnect from PI4

    2. Connect to another Linux machine with gParted installed on it.

    3. Resize partition

    4. Format new partition to EXT4 (can also be done in OMV)

    5. Reconnect to PI4

    Hi, I think i already know the answer to this but i thought i would ask anyway.

    I already have a 4TB drive set up on my PI4/OMV is there away to partition out 250GB of this drive and use it as a separate drive in OMV?

    To delete a shared folder, there must be no service pointing to it. Check them all, rsync, etc.

    Thank you for your reply, i have checked everywhere i could think of rsync, FTP and found nothing, checking under the "Shared folder in use" tab i found this

    also found i think one of my portainer containers had this down as storage, would that effect it?

    If the drive is missing from the file system, something else is going on. What is the last thing you did? What hardware do you have? How are the disks connected? ... I think it would be a good idea to provide some more information.

    That's the thing all i did was delete the folder from the SMB list

    Dell Optiplex 790

    Core i5

    16GB RAM

    The drive is connected via sata connection, would it be worth me disconnecting the drive and using another machine to format it and then plug it back in?


    I'm trying to format a partition and start fresh with it, So i deleted the share the SMB but when i go to delete the folder in the "Shared Folders" it doesn't give me the option, the "Delete" button is greyed out, i then checked under the "file systems" tab and it says the drive is missing? i then checked under the "Disks" tab and it say the drive is there?

    What am i doing wrong?

    Thank you raulfg3 unfortunately i still could get my head around MacVlans in your instructions, but i did go to a TechoDAD video from your signature and find the answer for the moment it is all up and running with no conflicts., one last question before i mark this post as resolvd when you are on the Portainer/Container list and you have the published ports section in the middle is there away to make the links actually work?

    So lets say i click on the a published port

    it takes me to this

    rather than the correct page, is there away to fix this?

    Soma just trying it now, for some reason last night when Adguard just stopped working all together no GUI or anything. based on raulfg3 code i have changed it to match my network but a couple of things i didn't understand

    The 2 i wasn't about are in red

    "Mac_address" - is this the mac address of the PI? if so do you know what the command is to get this?

    "ip_range" - what do i put in here?

    Change yml line 8 && 9 (inside quotes) to:


    It will be like this:

    Thank you Soma i've got in installed and running but it has given me the DNS of & which i have entered on to my Android device under DNS and then went around to and Yahoo (as they have a lot of Ad's) but nothing happened all the ads were still there checked on Adguard page and the device isn't showing up there either, any idea what i am doing wrong?

    Hi, im trying to install Adguard on my Raspberry PI using this script

    but when i deploy i get this

    docker: Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint adguardhome (3d921ab20f7261dbb885fa7011cdf0ad6659569e10eaadd5cc59da246541e0a2): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp4 bind: address already in use.

    tried doing it via SSH but still the same error, port 53 is not in use.


    So i followed a Technodad video and set up resync between 2 local machines both OMV 5, which all went fine seemed a bit slow but was working until it failed the first error i had was this

    and then this

    but when i use Windows properties (right click) the file numbers match up, so i'm confused was there an error or not? the rsync logs say the same as the pictures above