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    Well, again I don't really know what guides your following... If you install docker on ubuntu, and then install Portainer in docker... Well now all you have to do is use Stacks in Portainer to deploy docker-compose files. This would be the same across any OS.

    I'm curious,, what is your issue with OMV, and what do you think going to Ubuntu or Raspbian will solve (or do you just want an OS w/ a desktop?)

    I have no issues with OMV I think it's one of the best things I have come across in long time just not sure if it would fit what I want to try and do

    What I'm looking to do is basically I have a quad core pc which is just sitting around doing nothing not even powered on. What my idea was to install a Linux OS and use the PC for low level mining but also install a docker/container for passive income via selling unused bandwidth. I have access to my uncles property which he only uses a few month out of the year but he still pays all the bills including electricity and Internet I explained it all to him and he was happy for me to try it out and see what happens and not charge me anything.

    I know it sounds like a lot of work for possibly little to no chance of success but then all I have to lose is my time so I thought why not also I get to learn a bit about Linux and docker.

    I sound crazy don't I?

    Really, docker is docker. Once you install it and do some basic setting up your docker paths... containers should more or less install the same cross platform. My issue w/ Ubuntu Server nowadays... is snaps. I was messing with a VM a while ago and it seemed like snaps was almost the default for everything. If I was going to do some sort of sandboxing like that, I'd probably prefer flatpak, but that's another issue. I'm just not a fan but the Ubuntu team seems to have fallen head over heels in love with them. I hope Debian doesn't follow course.

    If I'm going to sandbox apps, I'd rather use docker, podman, etc.

    I haven't completely decided on which I want to use either Ubuntu or Raspbian. The main issue I am having is I am so used to OMV docker layout and simplicity and because there are so many guides/people who go through making a container in docker/omv but when I look for docker guide in Ubuntu or Linux I'm not finding it as simple. I'm going to try the guide macom linked and see how I get on.

    If you are going to say that everything you found wasn't useful, you should post a complete list of those things so that others don't point you back to the very same things again.

    Maybe docker is something that just isn't for you?

    Or maybe you should take your unhelpful self somewhere else, and let someone who wants to help actually help whilst I'm at it what is your point of commenting other than showing how much of enlightened douche you are?

    Why would want to do this?

    Passive income. It may sound like a waste of time but I thought I would give it a try so I have access to 2 locations (possibly 3) where I don't pay for Internet or electricity and 2 thin (wyse) client pc's with full Windows installed on them.

    I no longer have use for my OMV server any more so what I was going to do was divide up the 8TB storage between both machines and then install Scprime (rent out the storage) and then install docker and set up a peer 2 profit container (rent out bandwidth)

    I'm trying to decide between if I keep Windows on the machines or install Linux.

    I sound like a nut job, don't I?

    Hey All,

    Probably a quick answer but I can't seem to it. Docker for Windows is that anything like the docker in OMV? Would let's say the set up for Adguard in docker omv also work in docker for Windows?


    KM0201 all set up again, is the correct way to update

    System > Update Management > Updates > click on magnifying glass > once load click on update > click on install update (next to magnifying glass) > tick confirm then yes

    i keep getting this

    Think i need more coffee, yeah i figured that out from last install i did, omv-extras is installing now

    You don't need to reinstal... you can run the install script even on a running OMV install.. it will just download omv-extras and add any repositories it needs... but it's design is to be used on a minimal debian install..…-Developers/installScript

    As for your static IP problem.. only thing I can figure is you're not adding your DNS servers.

    I thought it would easier just to do a fresh install, are these the correct steps though

    1. Install minimum Debian (no desktop, SSH server installed)
    2. Once install complete, from another machine SSH into the server (ip addr to get server ip)
    3. log in as user and type sudo wget -O -…Script/raw/master/install | sudo bash
    4. Should take awhile but once complete reboot server and then off we go?

    Probably should have just used the omv-extras install script.. I prefer it to the official installer, and it installs omv-extras for you, which pretty much everyone is going to install anyway

    Beyond that however...

    omv-firstaid and reconfigure your network device. Note your IP might change when it does this.

    Do you have a link to the omv-extra install script?

    Hazaa that worked

    but for some weird reason if i set a static IP it goes offline. not sure what i am entering wrong???

    But also just ran and update check using the magnifying glass , packages show up but when i install them i get this

    If you give me a link to the omv-extras install script i am happy to save us both a head ache and just reinstall OMV6 from scratch

    I don't think that is possible. but you're clearly not online.

    How exactly did you install?

    Using the link the gdref gave

    installed Debain then ran

    apt-get install --yes gnupg
    wget -O "/etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/openmediavault-archive-keyring.asc"
    apt-key add "/etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/openmediavault-archive-keyring.asc"


    then finally

    Well if you haven't installed it yet, it's not going to be there, because it requires adding another repository.

    Are you sure your server is online? SSH your server and apt-update and see if it updates OK.. if so.. go back to your plugins list and click the magnifying glass to reload the available plugins list.

    Ah crud should have checked here first

    Am i right in thinking i have installed OMV6 on thr wrong version of debian?

    Do you have omv-extras installed? If so, go to omv-extras in the sidebar menu, click on Settings, and click the apt-clean button.

    When it's done refresh your browser, see if that help

    Just tried to find omv-extras in the plugins (haven't installed it yet)but nothing came up

    For your error, try clearing your browser cache would be my first suggestion.

    Sorry for the late reply, days and weeks are getting away from me.

    I tried clearing the cache but still the same issue, also tried on MS Edge and still the same.