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    This sounds great! It sounds exactly like what I'm looking for.

    Can I find you on e.g. github, so I can find it when/if it's released?

    I think I'll go for something like scorch as a temporary solution.

    Thank you for your help Adoby and gderf.

    Thanks, I see that I was wrong.

    I found this thread link which explains it to some extent.

    I does however not explain how you can still recover data from a lost drive after you've changed some sectors on the operational data drives since the last sync, as you're using the sectors on the data drives together with the parity data to recreate lost data. I'll however let that slide, and just believe that it works.

    As I only have two drives, is there a simpler solution than snapraid? What I'd like to do is simply to have a simple backup (rsync?), together with data integrity checks to secure against silent data corruption.

    You have this backwards. One parity drive per several data drives. And yes, lost data can be recovered from the parity, but this is a manual operation.

    In this case you wouldn't be able to do a full recover in the case of a full drive failure, as the parity data contained in a single parity drive cannot possibly contain all the information contained in multiple data drives. Assuming all drives are the same size.

    Is snapraid only useful for partial drive failures?


    I'd like to set up a home NAS to serve my dvd library and handle secure backup of data that is stored on the NAS.

    My budget is tight, but I have a raspberry pi 4 available - which means I'll have to settle for USB3 (which I've read tends to be a bit finicky on RPI4s).

    My plan is to have the following setup:



    2x external USB3 HDD (one 8 TB and one 4 TB)

    Drive 1: 8 TB

    Drive 2: 4 TB


    OMV for general storage handling.

    Jellyfin for serving my dvd library.

    What I'd like to do is:
    1. Use the 8 TB drive as a main drive with some routine to periodically check for silent data corruption.

    2. Once every week spin up the 4 TB drive and backup everything inside a folder on the 8 TB drive with a new timestamp and remove deleted files (this would have to be less than 4 TB ofc.)

    3. Periodically check the 4 TB drive for silent data corruption.

    4. Be able to unplug the 4 TB drive and read it directly on an entirely different system. (e.g. both drives formatted with ext4)

    Is this possible with OMW? I've read a bit about snapraid, but the guides I've found say you have to choose a data drive and multiple parity drives. This sounds like the parity drives would only contain parity bytes, requiring rebuilding to read the original data.

    I know it's less storage efficient to have a full copy of the data, but I'd like to keep it as simple as possible.

    Thank you.

    Best regards.